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Discussion in 'Australia Property' started by ecky, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. propertyagent

    propertyagent New Member

    you meant the price will stagnant or going down ?
  2. Supp_Eleeiy

    Supp_Eleeiy New Member

    Investment property is great thing, but .... if it was just a little bit cheaper, it would have been great. Now.. I should spend all I have to to have apartment. :(
  3. mattio

    mattio New Member

    I agree! Australia is a great country to invest in property. And all reasons you provided are accurate. I hope more foreign investors will consider Australia now.
  4. mattio

    mattio New Member

    I agree with you Ecky. Australia is a great country to invest in property. I agree with all reasons you mentioned for investing in Australia and hopefully it will help to attract more investors in the future.
  5. JhaiMitchell

    JhaiMitchell New Member

    development opportunity

    Land is the western suburbs of Sydney are going nuts!

    Allot of development happening as well and lost of opportunity to add value to land as we need the dwellings.
  6. JhaiMitchell

    JhaiMitchell New Member

    What political advantages? :toilet:
  7. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Forecasts & predictions are no more than someone's opinion. These 'experts' have been wrong time after time. They are usually quite good at telling you why their forecasts were wrong, usually due to 'unforseen circumstances'. Opinions are like noses - pick your own.
  8. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    My last post was in response to a post that has since been renewed, but is still apposite to all property markets.
  9. ellers

    ellers New Member

    This is an interesting thread - started 5 years ago?!

    Is Australian Property still viewed as a favourable investment from outside of Australia in March 2013?

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