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I currently have one BTL property with interest only mortgage and my home with repayment mortgage, I was exploring ways of how to get more capital to invest in more properties and my mother suggested putting her house (no mortgage) in my name in which i could remortgage it to borrow a lump say 100-120k on interest only and then use this lump sum as deposits for 3/4 further investment properties

Is this even possible? what implications or problems could there be?

Also who would be the best people to give me advice on this situation?

All help and advice greatly appreciated



I would check how a transfer of your mothers home into your name would be treated by the tax authorities and would you mother need to pay some form of rent to you? In theory this is a sensible idea if you investments work out but what happens if you fail and your mothers home is repossessed?

While it would depend on your mothers age there may also be IHT issues to consider?