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İ offer now to all my friends to invest in Turkish property...but not to all cities,specially now is the boom of investment in Alanya,i work here in Construction Company and we have soo much really good property with high investment return...Different Apartments and Luxury Villas! İ will not write you here some sweet stories about how is nice here sun is 300 days a year and bla bla the reason i write here is that is that i know the situation from inside..
As you know or probably somebody dont know here but next year just 30 km away from Alanya (now the old one is 150 km away)gonna open a new international airport,so the price is gonna jump up...+ very good mortgage 1-20 years 5.9% and very good return from rent.
İ will give just an exaple we have a good projact the exlusive apartment 170 m2 (you have to see its like a luxury dream hotel resort) we like construction company sell its now 115000 euro and dont change the prices...But the other companies who buy from us some of these apartments already seling 135000 -140000......and next year it will cost 170000-200000 euros!
İn my opinion to get minimum 60 000 euro for less than a year its very good investment!
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