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Many people have a quick look on this section when looking for information relating to properties in Morocco so i thought I'd place a post here, so firstly why Morocco...

1. Huge investment in Tourism, objective of the "Plan Azue" is to increase visitors to 10 million by the year 2010 & to provide concomitant infrastructure & facilities.
2. Moroccan government has signed "Open Skies" agreement with EU to allow European airlines to operate at Moroccan airports without restrictions.
3. The "Open Skies" agreement has seen the arrival of low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Thomsonfly & Ryanair announcing new routes, more to be added in 2007.
4. Favourable tax laws for foreign investors - no property tax for 5 years & how capital gains tax.
5. Mortgages are available with 60 - 70% the standard amount borrowed.
6. Close to the Costa del Sol - 30 minutes by hydrofoil to Tangiers from Tarifa & Algeciras 7. Year round sunshine - Hot summers, mild winters, an ideal winter sun destination.

There are several resorts being introduced in Morocco, developers from Dubai are also investing Millions, Qatar recently launched Al Houara, Emaar will be launching Tinja, currently most of the focus seems to be on the "Plan Azure" Resorts - Mediterrania Saïdia Resort, this resort is on the first on the "Plan Azure" & has the Kings backing. In brief the resort will have; 9 major hotels, 3 golf courses, 840 berth marina, huge commercial centre, water park, sporting facilities.

Take a look at the Morocco Section on this forum should you want details of the various developments that are available, I am also happy to advise / assist on developments and have extensive knowledge on most developments, especially those in nothern Morocco.

Feel free to ask questions or if you wish post me a pm

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Morocco is the best investment for the touristic realm.

The key to out performance in property investment is 'knowledge'.

Most people I converse with do not have the knowledge to recognise Morocco is head and shoulders above the rest which gives those of us investing a real window of opportunity.

So why do I think Morocco has an edge over say Turkey?

Turkey is an organic marketplace in that development is ad hoc with no 'mission statement', no all encompassing plan.


You will find in holiday brochures an array of Moroccan mega developments (as well as the ad hoc type in Turkey et al). Herein lies the USP for Morocco.
People will be confronted by an array of these 5 star mega resorts that have facilities way beyong anything found in Spain etc.

This array of specialised up market mega resorts will set the tone for Morocco as something a little more exclusive.

Remember it isnt just one or 2 of these resorts - there are many.


It's difficult to get accross the significant differences but in short the scale needs to be understood. If we take a Spannish so called mega resort like La Manga we find 20 shops where as Moroccos Saidia has 500 (all in one development). LM has a tiny beach, Saidia has a 6km beach.

LM has no marina, Saidia has a 740 berth brand new modern marina.
LM has a small gym and a few tennis courts where as Saidia has immense sports facilities including a football park, olympic pools, bowling alleys, polo pitch. The facilites are what has attracted many Premiership footballers to buy here.

NOW I RECOGNISE NOT EVERYONE WILL WANT THIS TYPE OF ALL ENCOMPASSING RESORT HOWEVER THIS MISSES THE POINT. The point is that there will be a large market for such resorts and Morocco provides this need on a far grander scale than any where else this close to home.

Morocco is a s close as Spain - so many people miss the significance of this.

Another 'cool' indicator is the types of developer that dominate in Morocco. Rocce Forte, The Bransons, Sun City - Sandals resorts, Emmar (worlds largest),Fadesa (Spains second largest) and so on. Now you might get some big names in say Turkey but again thats not the point. With Morocco ALL of these 5 star resorts are by big names and there are many of them.

FRENCH INFLUENCE - many middle / upper class French are retiring and buying in Morocco. This is yet another hint at the market segment Morocco is carving. Again the unthinking investor will underestimate the significance of this, but all I say is think St Tropez - and you will have an idea of the importantce chic and snobbery has on rents and property prices.

Lastly the year round season will be extended by these immense facilities which will be attractive what ever the weather. ON SITE RENTAL AGENTS make owning here even easier.
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Great input Investy on Morocco & I agree with all you have mentioned, another "world class" development was launched on Monday in Morocco close to the town of El Jadida, its the Mazagan Resort, costing US$ 350 million, More info on the Morocco section of forum..
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