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Property in Macedonia

Discussion in 'Emerging Property in Europe' started by TheChosen, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. TheChosen

    TheChosen New Member

    I've heard that swiss banks offer mortgage for properties outside of it.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get for a property in Macedonia or where I could find this information?

    Also how many percent is the deposit needed for such a mortgage?
  2. cadavari

    cadavari New Member

    Hello firend. Do you mean the Macedonia in Greece. This is the only Macedonia I know. The other country called Macedonia is incorrect.
  3. TheChosen

    TheChosen New Member

    1) I am not your friend

    2) I mean the Country of Macedonia , south of Serbia. (I hope this clears the situation for you and now you know that Macedonia is a much larger territory than the one occupied by Greece since 1912)
  4. cadavari

    cadavari New Member

    Hello. You are taking a vary bad tone. You mean FYROM. Why didn't you just say FYROM?
  5. cadavari

    cadavari New Member

    I am sorry to bother you about this, but where did you read that Greece occupied Macedonia since 1912? Do you not know that Macedonia has always been Greek? Read ANY history text book and you will see (except rubbish ones written by FYROM propaganda machines).

    Regards Friend
  6. TheChosen

    TheChosen New Member

    Again , I hate to repeat myself, you are not my friend .. you go read the world history books, not the Greek fantasies and you will see Macedonians have a distinct culture, history and state which has nothing to do with Greece

    And I also had it confirmed by Alexander the Great himself.. yes my blood and soul are descandant from his.. and he regrets he didn't raze Athens to the ground as well, the same as Thebes.. you deserve the same. Now go back to that stinking hole you came from and stop plaguing this forum, ok? A day will come when Greece will once again beg on his knees us Macedonians to spare their lives.. but Alexander learned his mistake.. none shall be spared this time
  7. cadavari

    cadavari New Member

    Oh man, you've obviously misunderstood me entirely. I'm not even Greek. Lol. You're being extremely defensive. I did not want to fight with you, but you obviously have some issues that need sorting out right away.

    First of all "world textbooks" i.e those written by the West (US, UK, German historians) clearly state that Macedonia (the Greek state) is absolutely Greek. Alexander the Great came from Greece. Please don't try and kid yourself. I know you've been brainwashed by your parents etc. but please don't try and discredit the facts. Seriously, compare all of your traditional dances and food to Greek traditional dances and food, and you will see how close you are. I don't think all of Greece wanted to copy a small region in the North.

    Open up any encyclopaedia, like Websters or Britannica, and you will find out that Alexander the Great was Greek. Also, I don't understand what you mean when you say Greece is "occupying" Macedonia. The people in the Greek state of Macedonia (where Alexander the Great came from) are very happy and proud to be Greek. Please get your facts straight.

    Your attitude of "Macedonia will rise up again..." is all you really have to help you cope with the fact that FYROM is not in the EU, NATO etc. Please don't continue this attitude, as it will not get you anywhere. You should try and work together with Greece, not against it.

    Please see:
    Alexander the Great - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Country profiles | Country profile: Macedonia
    BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Country profiles | Timeline: Macedonia The timeline doesn't say Greece occupied Macedonia?
    Macedonia (Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
    Macedonia (04/08)

    I am going to recommend to the moderators of this forum that this topic is locked to prevent any more rubbish being said.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2008
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