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Property in larnaca

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by johnmohan, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. johnmohan

    johnmohan New Member

    I want to buy property in larnaca ...

    plzz suggest me the best location in larnaca...

    thanks in advance.

  2. Lysos

    Lysos New Member


    Go out and visit the area, do some research. What's best for you may not be best for rental or investment. Your question is too general. Incidentally, why Larnaca ?.
  3. Nigel Howarth

    Nigel Howarth Member

    Hi John,

    Follow Lysos' advice - visit Larnaca, take a look around and find what's right for you.

    The only person who can answer your question "the best location in larnaca..." is you.

  4. seanx18

    seanx18 New Member

    Hi John,

    Definitly get out there and have a look. there is so much going on in Larnaca at the moment which is making it an investors haven at the moment, so you need go and see what this re-generation is going to do to the area. Around Larnaca there are many great places such as Perivolia, Kiti, Mazotos, Pyla....the list is endless.

    Good Luck!!

  5. gem0607

    gem0607 New Member

    If you are planning to move to Cyprus i think the best bet before you buy a property is to rent a property and live out here to see if you like the climate and life style.

    My personal view Cyprus is good, i have been going to Cyprus on and off for 4 years now and the place that is for me is Larnaca. I like Larnaca very much compared to Paphos, Limassol etc.

    It depends on what you are looking for in Cyprus and what you would like to do there. Do you want to have a rental property or do you want to live there?

    I have planning on moving out to Cyprus in the next couple of months and I have heard of a company based in Larnaca called Key Services or KSL and they do long term rental properties all over the area of Larnaca.

    I have heard from friends who live out in Cyprus advised me to, instead of jumping in at the deep end and buying something straight away is to rent and then buy at a later stage when you have found something that is right for you. Most of my friends now regret just buying something for the sake of it instead of waiting.

    If you wanted to look the website yourself type into Google Key Services and the website will come up
  6. Nigel Howarth

    Nigel Howarth Member

    Excellent advice! I always advise people to try before they buy for a minimum of 6 months.

    "If you plan to live in Cyprus but are uncertain about where exactly you want to live or have some lingering doubts as to whether you really want to live here permanently, start off by renting a furnished property.

    Some people find out too late that Cyprus is not the place for them. They discover that family ties are too great or find it too difficult to settle in a foreign country. Others buy property in haste and regret their decision. Many sell up after a year or two and return to the UK, while others move to somewhere on the island more to their liking.

    If you’re thinking about buying in one of the resort areas, rent outside the main tourist season. This will give you the opportunity to experience what living there’s like at the quiet time of the year when there are fewer people about and some of the local facilities are closed for the winter.

    Finding rental property

    There are many properties for rent in Cyprus; the longer the rental term the better deal you’ll be able to get. But don’t rush into renting the first property you see. Stay in a hotel or rent a holiday apartment for a few weeks to allow yourself enough time to have a good look around and find something that you really like.

    Renting gives you ample time to:

    • Decide whether you’ll be happy living in Cyprus.
    • Become familiar with the island, the climate, the amenities and the local people.
    • Meet other expatriates living in Cyprus and talk with them about their experiences.
    • Discover the real cost of living for yourself.
    • Visit areas you like at different times of the year to see them in summer and winter and decide where to make your permanent home.
    • Look at the various types of properties available, compare prices and assess their relative values.

    If you decide that you want to live permanently in Cyprus, then renting gives you plenty of time to seek out your new property at your leisure.

    Some people buy a property during their first visit to the island while on a week’s holiday. Not surprisingly, they wouldn’t dream of acting so impulsively if buying in the UK.

    Renting greatly reduces your chances of making a purchase that you may later regret."

  7. Gina Alexiou

    Gina Alexiou New Member


    Mark my words...if you buy in Oroklini now you will be making a great investment as i have come across inside information about a huge project that will be happening there in the very near future. And i can introduce you to the best quality dveloper you would have ever come across. I was so impressed i bought from him. My husband is in the construction industry and very little impresses him. He went for it as soon as he saw the quality of the developers project. And at very reasonable prices. Write to me for more info and i can assist you.And let you in on a secret.:)
  8. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    The 'secret' is that there are thousands of unsold new properties in the R.O.C. and as for resales, well there are numerous properties that have been on the market for over a year.
  9. Nigel Howarth

    Nigel Howarth Member

    Hi Lysos,

    There sure are! I've seen one property developer offering buyers a 'free' car if they buy a new property - and many are now offering 'guaranteed rental income'.

    I've just been reading the CYSTAT figures on building permits. The numbers issued in January this year are down on last year - which might tell people something ;)

  10. JohnH

    JohnH New Member

    Oroklini Or Not


    I bought in Oroklini offplan in 2005 and moved in during 2007. Itravel there for 5 days every 3 weeks and Oroklini is a good choice. I pick up a hire car at Larnaca airport and I am home in <20minutes. Weather is top all year round and the best period is Feb to May when the minimum of tourists are about.
    Prices are still good compared to rest of Europe I paid roughlt 960euro/m2 try and find something like that in Dublin / Paris etc starts at 6000euro/m2. I suggest you visit for a few days and arrange to see a few developers

  11. es1

    es1 New Member

    I Have a property in mazotos larnaca in the hillstops of mazotos village, the views are amazing and overlooks the valleys and sea below and it's just close enough to everything but not right in the husle and busle of the main part of larnaca. Its 5 min to beach, 10min drive to larnaca marina where all the bars and resturants are ,10min to larnaca airport 20min drive to ayia napa, and close to new golf course in tresefanou. Its a 1 bedroom within a comleplex of 28 apartments which have 2 pools. The apartment has garden, covered parking, all white goods (which are in stanless steel) fitted wardobes, new kitchen and bathroom, ac. I am going to sell this apartment and maybe rent but would prefer to sell just thought you maybe interested either now or in the future. I haven't but it on the market yet but will do very shortly.
  12. misch.chief

    misch.chief New Member

    Personally what has been said about having a look around yourself and decide what you like is the best advice, but I would also say that Oroklini is a pretty safe bet at the moment.
  13. adam1

    adam1 New Member


    i have information on a new project being built in larnaca, 2 mins from larnaca airport.

    We are an agent who deal with the developer directly..please pm me if you are interested in more info or with any questions.

    This is an investment oppourtunity tho. £16000 laydown and turn it into £360'000 in ten years..sounds to good to be true but true figures show it is a serious investment
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