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property in Hurghada

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by mcm77, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. mcm77

    mcm77 New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for some help. I am torn between 2 resorts in Hurghada. Lotus Breeze and Pyramid 2. Has anyone been out there that could tell me something about these two resorts or the areas they are in. I'm being told by each agent that their area is up and comming, exclusive etc etc. and not having been there myself i don't know who to believe. Any info you have would be appreciated.
  2. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Hi mcm and welcome to the forum. Have you checked the two threads that we have on these developments. These are the links to each of them:

    Perhaps you could write a post on each of these threads outlining your problem.

    I think you'll find much of what you're looking for here but I have to say and I think everyone will agree, there's no substitute for going out there to see for yourself. Of course each agent will tell you that their's is the better development and you'll have no way of knowing that without doing your own research.

    How did you arrive at the decision that you have i.e. between these two resorts? Buying in Egypt can be a bit of a minefield at the best of times so you musn't rely on the sales talk of agents vying for your money.

    I think you'll find everyone here to be very helpful and hopefully you'll get plenty of pointers as to where to go from here.

    Great to have you onboard

    Best wishes
  3. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    Lotus Breeze

    I have recently purchased in the Lotus Breeze development. It was a toss-up for me between Lotus Breeze, west side village and Pyramids. the Pyramids and west side village were too big and I felt my potential rental would be not as attractive. The fact that lotus breeze is in the golden mile and will have access to the better hotels beaches made it a sure fire winner. Plus, it was the only one that gave me the chance to have the best views as it will have a bar and pools on the roof top.

    Can't wait to break out the factor 9000 for my pastey white skin when it is complete. I bought directly from a company called no more hotels and spoke to a chap called Damien who gave me all the info that i needed.

    Happy hunting
  4. mcm77

    mcm77 New Member

    Lotus Breeze

    Cheers McVelvet

    thanks for the feedback. i was thinking along the same lines and will probably be seeing you out there some time soon.
  5. dominique s

    dominique s New Member

    hi i also baught a big appartement at lotus breeze from nomorehotel are you happy with all your paiements did they came true to elriad ?
  6. Kalou1972

    Kalou1972 New Member

    We've just got back from Hurghada. As above I'd definately advise a trip out there before you commit ! I spent around 4-5 months researching developers, builders projects etc and actually put a REFUNDable reservation down. We had been out before and knew the area roughly but our whole minds changed once we actually saw the locations etc. We ended up buying in an area we have never even thought of !! Make sure your 100% about everything from price, location size etc. Completely also agree with the comment above on having problems renting out on a large complex. I think this will become a huge problem for those expecting to let. We chose a smaller complex, around 60 units rather than a huge 1200 we were orginally considering !! Good luck.....we are over the moon with our purchase !x
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