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Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by trent, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. trent

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    I am looking for developers of off plan investment property in Barbados and the Dominican Republic. Does anyone know were I can find a list of property developers in these areas please.
  2. Chris

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    Off plan developers in Barbados


    I am not aware of a list, but I have a small development off plan in the Gibbs, St. Peter area of Barbados. If you are interested let me know.

    Is there any particular size development you are looking for?
  3. trent

    trent New Member

    Thanks for the reply. It is for my boss. He is currently very interested in the Merricks Resort on the South East of the island. His budget here is around the £500k mark for a villa - I will try and find a link to the development later.

    Have you got any more info you could point me to. A website - pictures - specs etc.

  4. Chris

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  5. hearts

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    Why no prices?
  6. Fizzypopp

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  7. DC

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    Barbados & Dominican Republic

    Trent we are active there. Give your boss my email [email protected] we have product direct from developers in both countries. Regards Darren
  8. Paulamoney

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    Hi I have one of the major Bajan contractors in London with me
    if you are interested in Building a house in Barbados, he comes highly recommended

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