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Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Mickybhoy, May 20, 2012.

  1. Mickybhoy

    Mickybhoy New Member


    I'm new to the forum. We purchased a property in 2005/6 in Saidai. Because of all if the problems over the years, we never completed and now have no contact details of whoever now control the property.

    It started off with Fadesa Spain, transferred to Fadesa Maroc, now I have no idea.
    We paid the large 40% deposit and now have nothing other than original paperwork.

    Has anyone else had this issue, and if so did you complete the purchase or did you manage to cancel.
    We initially purchased through Saffron Villas in Newbury. They have changed names and cannot help either.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Maroc

    Maroc New Member


    Can you tell me where you bought the property? what part of the station? It's usually the 3 letters of the property reference i.e: AP3-XXXXXX.

    I might be able to help you.
  3. Salander52

    Salander52 New Member

    Hi. I have just posted a note on the forum. I am in a very similar situation. I am going out to Saidia this Thursday to meet with what was Fadesa (now Excelia) with a view to retrieving my deposit. Please let me know if you have had any results from posting your message on the forum. Thanks
  4. isjosa

    isjosa New Member

    HI I purchased a golf villa on vvt8 le jardine du fluer from property logic , has anyone any feedback news from that arear ?
  5. smediterrania

    smediterrania New Member

    Hi from France,

    Search in Google "Victimes Addoha Excelia Saïdia" and you will see that there are many French who live the same situation as you with Excelia in Saidia. Please post on these websites your feedback and comments. And why not plan joint actions together
    Thank you for reading

    Victims of Excelia in Saïdia
  6. estepona

    estepona New Member

    Just wondered if you had any luck on your visit? I have a property in AP5 in Saidia and am in the same situation with regard to lack of completion and would like advice on how to go about getting my deposit back

  7. Maroc

    Maroc New Member

    They resumed the work in AP5 and IMO it's probably good idea to keep/complete.
  8. Mickybhoy

    Mickybhoy New Member


    not posted for a while, anyone had any luck?
  9. Popcorn

    Popcorn New Member

    There is an owners group - you can email [email protected]
  10. Chocolate 8

    Chocolate 8 New Member

    Hi from France

    We paid a lawyer and finally got our money less costs after nearly 3 years
  11. Chocolate 8

    Chocolate 8 New Member

    Anis Mouafik Casablanca
  12. estepona

    estepona New Member

    Please could you provide details of to lawyer you used, how much you managed to get back, how much your fees were and if you claimed compensation and interest on the money?
    Thank you very much - that will be really helpful for those of us who need to do the same.
  13. Morrocco

    Morrocco New Member

    I am new to this site. I am having same problems for RT-7 in Le J d Fleur. Has anyone had success in getting their deposits back? Any good recommendations for a Law firm to help with this? Does anyone know what a typical 'win' fee is or what the lawyers/solicitors are likely to charge? Any information would be appreciated.

    p.s does anyone know how to get onto the forum on Facebook? I am unable to contact 'popcorn' as the mailbox is too full and I have no other way of contacting her (?) to get hold of/return the necessary forms to join.
  14. alcubay

    alcubay New Member

    hi , the best thing to do is look for a good lower, i have one , he is the best in theis cases. the same happend to me and i got my money back in 8 months, then i bought a property in saidia but this time its complete. i will never buy a house in plan. it has to be prepared to get in to live. i live in saidia now. its amazing place. the sun and the beach . i adore it.
  15. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    There appear to be many people in a similar situation and despite promises of help from the authorities it seems to be taking far too long?
  16. Med

    Med New Member


    Any news from someone who gets its deposit back ??

  17. Mickybhoy

    Mickybhoy New Member

    Still Nothing


    Can you forward the details to me please. We are no further forward two years on after posting this.

    Thank you
  18. mr bigglesworth

    mr bigglesworth New Member

    Recommend Solicitor


    I was wondering if anyone on this site could recommend a solicitor that has successfully helped them to recover their deposit from Excelia?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Note from moderator: If you have any recommendations please PM the member as advertising is not allowed in this section. Members should do their own research on any recommendations from third parties.
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  19. dzdxb

    dzdxb New Member

    No wonder guys, you are buying in council estate projects!
  20. Moarent

    Moarent New Member

    The new email address is [email protected]. There is a facebook group, some of whom took legal action 4 years ago but still haven't got their money back!

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