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Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by denbo, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, i purchased a 2 bedroom apartment in st vlas 4 years ago in fort panarama, we initialy bought the apartment as a investment hoping like everyone else to make a few pounds, we did not even go to Bulgaria to view properties, I think it was all the hipe that was going on about Bulgaria being the next best thing.
    Invest in Bulgaria and doulble your money we thought, how wrong we were we did go out to check on our investment in 2006 and i must admit we were quite imprest, then in 2007 may we went for our first holiday we met lots of other british who had bought on our complex many of had bought for the same reason as us, to make a few quid short term, we met one guy who had bought 3 apartments when i say bought 3 i meen paid a deposit on all 3 then hoping before the final payment was due, sell at a profit, i wonder how many people have done the same,
    Anyway am probably boring you right now, all i can say is what my wife and i have decided to do is not sell, we are going over in 10 days for 1 month, then hopefully again in october for a week or 2, we will not rent it out as we first thought.
    We actually love the apartment love Bulgaria, love the Bulgarian people we have met So far.
    Good luck every one lets try to keep it possitive :)
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