Property delivery based on purchase contract (Pre Tapu) in Turkey


Amr Dandachi

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Hi everyone ......

I've purchased an apartment in Turkey and they've started to deliver the units. Upon purchasing they have explained that we can receive our unit without Tapu but we have to get it done within a period (they weren't specific) .

Now they are refusing to deliver the unit/Key unless we get the Tapu .

Is this the way all construction companies act or is this company acting differently ?

Thanks for help in advance :)


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Could you tell us more about your situation? What are your deadlines? What should you do to get your property? Have you ordered some kind of delivery to a new apartment and can't get it? I really want to help you, but I don't understand what this is about. If you have problems with the delivery of something, then you can check your parcels using parcel tracking. And there you can also change the recipient's address if you cannot move into a new apartment and delivery is already ordered to a new address. Good luck to you!
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I didn't quite understand your problem. I'd love to help, but you didn't share much information. Could you tell me more about your situation? Do you have some deadlines? Have they passed, and this is why you are asked of Tapu? Have you made some deliveries and can't find them? You can always use parcel tracking or tracking number epacket to find the exact location. If you come with some updates, I'd love to help. But as it is, this is the only advice I can give. I wish you good luck and hope you clear your mess.


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Tapu is the document that shows that the flat belongs to you. I think it's in your best interest that they ask you to get the title Tapu.