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Property Buble Burst

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Kimo, May 19, 2008.

  1. Kimo

    Kimo New Member

    Lately I have been hearing of property bubble burst in the Middle East. They claim it will start from the UAE where prices are very high. Do you think this will happen any soon, I hope not as I am an investor in this market.

    Please shed some light into this discussion.

  2. mpat

    mpat New Member

    It will happen around the end of 2010.
  3. paul1970

    paul1970 New Member

    by 2012 - can expect 20% correction, not a burst.
  4. Kimo

    Kimo New Member

    Good to see some optimistic views. Are these views based on any reliable sources? mind you my sources are internet forum groups so not really reliable but the crazy current prices are not to be ignored. They could be a sign to exit the market!!! I hope I am wrong.

  5. really_true

    really_true New Member


    i have always been telling ppl - dont worry -there are lots of vested intrests to let the prices fall. Analysts may say any thing . Yess there not much end user demand in the UAE.

    Suddenly u will see no new projects coming up then it will be the time to get out of real estate investments. As long as there are projects it is all hunky dory -- hang on tight

    make money while the sun is shining in dubai
  6. euroinvest

    euroinvest New Member

    Your best bet is to get in and get out within 6 months and then repeat the cycle over. This will reduce the risk even if there is a bubble bust, which I doubt.
  7. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

    Depends when you got in. I am thinking it might be time to take profit and be happy. :)

    ITMASTER New Member

    What about if I want buy and keep till competion what you think prices will fall that much that you will loose money...I mean if buy right now for 450AED in Ajman ..and keep till comletion can get situation that prices will be lower then 450AED??
  9. really_true

    really_true New Member

    i feel returns go down day by day untill completion and again pik up after completion . This is my 2 cents . As the project becomes older the returns trickle down
  10. really_true

    really_true New Member

    i am still buying and will keep holding coz i have faith in the dubai story as long as there is demand ill keep buying

    ITMASTER New Member

    So I what you think about investing in Ajman??
  12. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    The world's investors are all bringing their money to dubai... and the gulf in general... because their markets in the west and in europe are struggling.... particularly US and UK.... as for the east.... dubai is doin much better than eastern markets also.

    So the rise in oil prices, the current influx of investors to the market is keepin it popular, strong and rewarding.

    Investors here are cash rich, not like in US and UK where everyone borrows, and banks interest rates are on the rise so the investors are uncomfortable and even end users are struggling in debt.

    Also, add to that, everyone wants to live here. Who wouldnt? You have the best projects in the world.... HH Shiekh Mohammed said we want to go beyond expectations, lets do what hasnt been done before. This is what I like about UAE and Dubai in particular. Driving past Burj Dubai it always makes me feel WOW, they've done it.

    It is the only country where architects can put their dreams and imaginations into reality. The next 5 years I say we will be safe, but I do want the government or the master developers to have more control over the market whereby prices rise gradually at a reasonable pace... not like i witnessed in cityscape.

    Investors must always be aware in any market they invest in. Invest in something unique, less risky,...and more analysis should be done before throwin large amounts of cash.

    In any case, prices are always rising, I dont know yet where prices have fallen in Dubai. Abu Dhabi is goin to be the daddy of the emirates. Its all happening for it. Oil rich, the capital, islands everywhere, good infrastructure (no traffic).... and the projects there are dreamy.

    The UAE is a good few years ahead in construction technology... they have the best architects, the best engineers and consultants,... everything is well planned and as they go further into the future they get more sophisticated. Its only in this country where you find gyms, swimming pools, saunas, wifi, etc etc as standard features in residential towers. Thats what you find in hotels when you go abroad.

  13. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    I bought in Ajman recently. You have to be more sophisticated in Ajman,...prices are rising ... and those projects on Emirates Rd are attractive. You have to study the project well.

    You cant get finance from banks yet in Ajman.... so you have to cough up your own cash to buy there. But once finance is available from banks, prices will jump up everywhere cos then everyone will be able to buy.

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