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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Norbert, Mar 25, 2013.

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    The Brazilian financial press is using the verb "despencar". (free fall)
    As shown before.
    despencar=plummet according the dictionary
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    Do you think R$ 100k (or US$ 50k= 40k Euro) is an extraordinairy high amount for an investor who has the option to buy property or to put his money on the bank ?
    And wasn't I talking about an imaginary "investor" who has these 2 options ?
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    Just to remind you, this topic is about "Property Brasil - Price Variation Index".
    We all agreed that any price variation is caused by the behaviour of the Brazilian investor.
    Almost sure that some 99,99% of all transactions are done by Brazilians.
    No foreign investor paying cash can influence the market.

    The foreign investor should also beware that we are talking about prices in R$, the local currency.
    Any negative fluctuation (devaluation) of the Real agains foreign currencies (GBP-Euro-US$) can hit a foreign investor hard.
    If there is a bubble ready to burst (in R$) together with any devaluation he will be hit very hard.
    Nobody knows, but one should be prepared for a loss of at least 50% (in foreign currency).
    Yes 50% or a lot more.
    And this can happen soon.
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    "Predictions" ?????
    I think you live in another Brazil than the our Brazil.
    As I said before, we are going back to the 80's.
    Inflation is getting out of control. So, the SELIC rate will go up ......

    2013-04-08 18:42

    2013-04-08 18:42

    Everybody knows that this will have a very bad impact on the housing market.
    (less building/mortgages & the traditional default of the 80's).
    There is no way out for the government, they can't keep on pumping hugh amounts of money in the economy, just to fool the Brazil, the world and the voters.

    And about devaluation of the Real.
    Sure to come.
    Moderate people say "just" some 25% will save the economy, radicals are talking about 60-70%.

    Why the BRICs bubble is popping slowly and how it may become the story of 2013

    And yes, inflation, before you say there is no inflation or it's no problem:

    FT - Apr 8, 2013
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    Why after every night the sun appears again or why after after every winter comes a spring ?
    All cycles.
    Even in Brazil, but......

    as our great composer Antonio Carlos Jobim once said: "Brazil isn't for beginners !"
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    This is interesting.
    Digging in this forum, the last 5 or 6 years, I can see that when you run out of arguments, you always start to ask things, "Show me this, show me that", "Prove me this, prove me that" although every thing already has been said and proven.
    Or you start to attack the posters personally, ridicularizing them, changing the subject.

    So you think the interest rates rather will go down in Brazil than go up, as you mentioned ? Where is this based on ?
    I showed my points of view (based news articels and facts we see or have seen before in Brazil).
    So what do you really think about the future (short-medium-long) term interest rate in Brazil ?
    We all know that this will influence the RE prices.
    Maybe in a dramatic way.
  7. LoneRanger

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    So what do you want to say, that interest rates will get lower or at least will stay stable ? Is that what you know and read ? (Y/N).
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    Back to the discussion and "predictions" !

    So your "prediction" is that interest rates will get lower.
    The name of your agency is no secret; we can read it every post you make.
    I just wonder, even if you make clear HERE that interest rates will get lower, WHY on the website (Newsletters) of your agency AND on your agency's Facebook you put an article JUST A FEW DAYS AGO named: “Brazil becomes first emerging market to raise interest rates.”

    You don’t mention any source so I suppose (THERE) this is your prediction and vision?
    In what we or your clients must believe ?
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    Thats the question here.
    Mr. Dave "dhoskings" always posted here as a "smart" investor.
    The Genius.
    How-to-do-it and don't-do-it posts.
    Just jump in the earlier post here.
    But I think (Antonio Carlos Jobim - Our composer = "Brazil isn't for beginners"), Brazil was to much for him.

    Can he blame me ?
    He thinks he can.
    Now we can ONLY read offensive post of him against other posters.
    This he posted on my private information page:

    24-03-2013 01:01 PM
    Here is a good quote from another forum:

    "Sorry about another one of thousands of scams that are just part of Brazilian culture.

    Brazilians are very "simpatico" but the most dishonest people in the world to do business with and there is no penalty or punishment for scam artists, white collar criminals and swindlers since the "criminal justice system" is just "para ingles ver" and even worse than the criminals they should be punishing.

    Brazilians are also the world‘s greatest liars since they don‘t even realize they are constantly lying to themselves.

    Take it from a 61 yr old Brazilian like me."

    Is this normal ?
    It wasn't me, I don't agree with that.
    But it's on my personal information page.
    As if it was me.
    This is offending Brazil and our people.
    Are there no limits in Brazil ?
    Offending the country and our People?

    Writing this, I (ME) should be banned ?
  10. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Guest

    And just for your information, I'm not 61 years old.
    A lot younger.
    But does this make any difference ?
  11. dhoskings

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    I posted that there because the thread where you accused all foreigners of being stupid or of being dishonest was closed.

    In my experience that statement is fairly accurate.
  12. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Guest

    I never (not even "ALL") called foreigners that way.
    Pls read the topic again:

    Why this happened with You - Foreigner

    And pls give your opinion about RE price variation in Brazil.
    Your experience of the last years or prediction.
    Thats what this topic is about.
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    I believe that the property prices in the NE of Brazil will go down, in the next few years.
    Houses we checked years ago, were even more expensive then they are now.
    Of course, in Sao Paulo and Rio prices are booming. And those are the wonderful 'examples' agents selling in Brazil are referring to.
    As misleading as these articles on Cheap Living. Brazil is not a cheap country to live. It is considerably more expensive than e.g. the Netherlands. Especially food.
    The only thing cheap we have noticed are pedicure and my haircut.
    Everything else is more expensive - sometimes even 100% more!

    It would show professionalism when these estate agents would be more honest in their marketing. They do not have to be as honest as I am, but they should stop abusing the reality!


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