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Property Agents & Handing Over Process - HELP!

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by helenc, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. helenc

    helenc New Member

    If anyone can help - it really would be appreciated!

    I'm still in the midst of buying a studio falt in I.City Persia and am getting quite worried about the process.

    The building owner had signed the contract and sent them to me to sign before sending it back to Nakheel. It's now been returned to me and it's no different to when I sent it away. Is this normal? There's no dates of when the contract was given etc.

    I've still not got the keys for the flat and am worried that I may have bills sitting over in Dubai at the flat that I'm not aware of. I don't seem to have been given any information about what to do next. I see on the contract it says correspondence will be sent via fax or to the flat itself but not to me in England (unless by fax). I don't have a fax!! Hence -what has anyone else done in this instance? Should I also be worried (because I've had to pay the water bill) that I'll have bills sitting out there that aren't being paid? As I've already had to pay 1 water bill - will I automaticaaly be getting more sent to me? Or because I've not yet been handed the keys - am I responsible for anything at the flat until I get the keys?

    I was thinking of finding a property management agent to keep an eye on the place and sort out all of these things. Can anyone reccomend a good reliable agent?

    Finally - if bills etc aren't paid - what happens! I'm worried because I don't want to be in this country and get hauled up for something abroad!

    Any advice would be great!
    Thanks Helen
  2. georgihh

    georgihh New Member


    Looks like somebody is playing with you
    What you need to do is to go to Dubai and get the key.
    Once you get the key the rest is history
    Just pay 2%for the registration, plus 1.5% for the land and tell your agent to **** off
    Once you have the key you play the cards.
    Good luck
  3. lyes

    lyes New Member

    hi, you need the assistance of a lawer if you can't came to Dubai beacuse you've to rgister your contract so try to contact one
  4. Ramzan

    Ramzan New Member

    Hi Helen

    Have you managed to find an agent to let your apartment yet, if not let me know i will give you details of one who i have been using for number of my friends i am based in Glasgow.

  5. shepps

    shepps New Member

    We are using this agency, who have been brillant from the start, they had tenants lined up, furnished the place and got us a rent of 35kAED per annum.

    Jodie Conneely

    Exclusive Property Management Services
    PO Box 333589
    Dubai, UAE

    +971 4 341 6570 (off)
    +971 4 341 7090 (fax)
    +971 50 451 5267 (mb)


  6. cbtjwallis

    cbtjwallis New Member

  7. dorissai

    dorissai New Member

    Mohammed , Where are you I have emailed you. Send reply
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