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  1. sheds

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    Now a days investment into Real Estate is become like money making idea. Person can make much more money in short time by investing into Real Estate & Properties.

  2. KateMelb

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    It depends where the property is, how much it costs, how many items you can depreciate, whether it requires a lot of repairs, whether it has a paying tenant, how much that tenant pays, what your salary is, how long you hold the investment before selling (if at all), capital gains tax plus many more factors.

    Don’t just buy for the sake of buying, otherwise you may well end up losing money. Remember that brand new off-the-plan places are usually overpriced so you are unlikely to gain anything by way of capital growth for the first 2-3 years.

    Beware of property managers and real estate agents selling “total investment packages” – they will gouge you with unnecessary fees for little value.

    For buying, use local free/low-cost recources like the property section of The Age, property investment magazines and State Consumer Affairs/Fair Trading Departments.

    For renting out, check out depreciation calculators and quantity surveyor services like Washington Brown to ensure your maximise your depreciables. One of the secrets to making money on investment property is reducing your tax bill. Do it yourself property management will also save you from wasting money on property management fees. Instead, reinvest that money back into your property and increase its value. Try services like Rentwise that make DIY easy and maximise depreciation.

    Like shares and any other form of investment, you need to pay attention and have good timing. In the excitement, it’s easy to rush but that usually leads to losing a lot of money instead of having a steady, reliable, growing investment.

    Good luck!
  3. EPI_Den

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    I completely agree with Jayarr and KateMelb,

    It's unwise to start investing in an entire industry if you don't know a lot about it. If you want to be a millionaire from investing in property, learn about it before rushing out to bid at auctions!

    Something I find too few property investors do is actually set investment goals. You need to know what you want to achieve, and why, before you start. Then consider your investment strategy so that it fits in with your goals. Are you interested in negative gearing and tax reduction, or would you rather look at a positive cashflow property which increases your income? How important is capital gain to you?

    Once you have answered these questions then consider how much you can save and what your deposit will be, where the best locations are, whether you want to buy a house or a unit and so on!

    Property can be a great investment and a ticket to an early and comfortable retirement. Take your time and do it right!

    Good luck,
  4. Annie_Smith

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    Yes, Kate I agree with you. The value of property depends on its location and type.
  5. Investment Guru

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    Lots of places in Australia that are really awesome! When you’re moving to Australia, we know that one of the top priorities you’re selecting is location. Whether it is a natural landmark or a tourist attraction that you’re going to see, having a property within a convenient distance can make all the difference to your property. Which is why Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne are near Landmarks for your convenience.
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    I would rather go with the priciple of property investment is a long-term investment. Rather safe than sorry :)
  7. CSQTownPlanner

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    I completely agree with the KateMelb views..
    Now days investment in property is a great idea to be a Millionaire.

    Something which consider at the time of investing in property is that how much you can save, and the best locations of property...
  8. bfremont

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    I think you guys have made a few key points here. I would also like to point out that some background in economics as well as staying informed is pretty important. When it comes down to it, timing is one of the most important factors in investing in property. In order to make the right timing decisions, one must be up to date with economic news.
  9. ukinvesting

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    how is the oz maket for rsale prop going?
  10. mattio

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    It is not that simple. Real Estate Investment might be as well very risky if you just buy any property without considering the location of the property, size, tenants, renovations and etc.

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