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Properties in cumbuco

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by bana1104, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. bana1104

    bana1104 New Member

    Hi all, I would like to know if someone knows more information about cumbuco for this properties.

    The prices really seems very atractive for Cumbuco area.

    I will apreciate if someone said more information from cumbuco (normal prices , it´s safe, ........) because I been there one time (1 day) and i need to know more things to buy properties.

  2. PAUL-brasil

    PAUL-brasil New Member

    Hi Bana,
    Yes Ill say Cumbuco a very good area, Its safe as far as safe goes with Brazil. Very much a gringo town, famous beach and renowned in Ceara for the kite surf. Prices already quite high against others areas due to its already infastructure and popularity.

    You asked about normal prices, depends what you are looking for, beach villa, 1 bed apartment, land etc?
  3. bana1104

    bana1104 New Member


    hi Paul,
    Thanks for your information. I been there but just for one day and i don't have idea how is live there.

    I'm looking forward to buy one property there but i would like to know the prices.
    I found a a web site with beatifull houses but i don't know is that kind of houses are expensive or normal price for that area.
    Paul please check this web site for you have an idea.

    dreampropertys pt vu

    Thanks for all
  4. newkidontheblock

    newkidontheblock New Member

    Hi bana,

    prices look very high on the website, but they have sold well. i have reserved a 3 bed villa at banana residential on the lagoon. I got in at the early price of 75,000 euros they are now selling for 115,000 which is still a decent price. with prices rising so high i think i have a decent deal
  5. bana1104

    bana1104 New Member

    Thanks newkidontheblock,

    It seems that house with direct access to lagoon is more expensive (234 000 €). The rest of the houses it seems average price as you were spoken. The other property is near from the expensive one and cost 124 000 € and is in banana lagoon too.

    Do you think it is a good business ??

  6. PAUL-brasil

    PAUL-brasil New Member

    No probs mate. Yes there is alot of great looking properties around this area.

    I havent come across dreampropertys before from what i recall, I quickly tried looking for their website you asked about but was not able to find Brazil properties from the info. I think if you send me a ppm then you can send the exact website address, I know of a few websites for real estate companies actually local in Fortaleza and Cumbuco that have alot of resales properties and a few new off plans that i can send you to help you atleast compare to an extent. The cheapest I know of at the moment actually in Cumbuco Village beach area is an off plan of about 15 apartments which starts construction this summer, offering starting at R$150,000 for 75M2, but I dont know much more about that one, not seen plans or anything. Big Villas i.e 250M2 + etc around the real Lagoa Banana can be around R$500,000 onwards. Cumbuco resale beach or very near Villas/houses Ive seen range from R$200,000 to R$2,000,000!

  7. newkidontheblock

    newkidontheblock New Member

    Hi paul brasil,

    thanks for the info. do you class banana residential as large villas on the real lagoon.
    certainly not in the 500,000 R$ price range
  8. Seanlord

    Seanlord New Member

    Anyone know if they have started building this development yet? When i went to view it there was no activity on site.The prices are supposed to have gone up a while ago and yet i was offered the old price by more than one agent in Feb.
    I thought the site was ok but it was further from the beach than i thought so i bought something else instead.Just curious really to see if anything is happening here now.
  9. bana1104

    bana1104 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm completed crazy by that house in front of the lagoon. I was speaking with the owners and they seems nice persons. they are Portuguese and i will meet with them when I will arrive to fortaleza at May. They said me if the house will be readdy until there I could be there for 1 week by free without compromise :D nice :D (I need to rent a jetsky :D:D:D:D )
    Its dificult to put the website here but if you understant the code :D

    write in your browser : dreampropertys'pt'vu

    It is the firts one on featured page. the price is 650000 R$ but i think It could be possible to negociate.

    Any advice for this house from this comunity ????

  10. PAUL-brasil

    PAUL-brasil New Member

    I Bana, ive just seen the Construction Villa you are talking about on from that website, NO I think that is over priced due to its construction size, the size of the plot (although it does look like a nice spot) and the fact that its not built yet and dont know the true quality. You can get the same around price around the front of the lagoon (the East) so nearer to the village and beach or in Cumbuco with beach veiws, with 4X the land and and twice the size build and already built to very high design specs.

    I saw a few, 9 month ago or so, for sale around the front side of the lagoon at around that price, you can actually see where I mean from one of those photos on that website, I have a few pictures myself with these in the background. Those for sale a while back are sold now but I know of 1 other thats for sale. I ll try find it for you on the web and send you the link in a personal message along with a couple of pics soon as I can.

    The little tourist spot which is at the east side of the lagoon you can hire a jetski for R$70 for 15minutes (yeah rip off i know) and jet near these villas.
  11. bana1104

    bana1104 New Member

    Thanks paul for all
  12. bana1104

    bana1104 New Member

    Thanks Paul,

    I will consider all options and when i will arrive to fortaleza i will check more plots and propertys.
    The guy from the site sent me more up to date photos from the the laggon house and it seems that is almost finished. (good signal). On the web site the photos are from 1 month ago.

    I was checking more plots and propertys arround lagoa do banana and it seems all the prices are like the same expect the propertys which have direct acess to the lagoon (are more expensive).

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