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Propert tax ??????

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by roythepower, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. roythepower

    roythepower New Member

    Hey i am back still crying in my beer about being conned to pieces i Bulgaria.

    Property tax in Bulgaria -

    Does this tax need to be paid every year and is it based on the property price put down on the deed? (the price put down on my deed was less than a quarter of what i actually paid).

    I read on another bulgarian site, yes there are lots of them full of people complaining about being conned, that the property tax an english owner was paying had gone up from 16 lev per year to 138 lev per year, nearly 10 fold per year.


    Does anyone out there know anything and can help me out with this one. :confused:
  2. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Morning Roythe power

    We live in Bulgaria and are 'foreigners' here. We've just paid our property tax (like council tax or rates), which is due every year, and it was 23 lv for a fully renovated 3 bed house in town and includes rubbish collection once a week.

    We ran a piece some time back about property tax valuations increasing 50% this year, so a rise in this tax was pretty inevitable, although it does depend on the fractions then applied by each municipality. I have not heard of any foreigners being charged differently from locals.
  3. roythepower

    roythepower New Member

    I have written before about the wrong purchase price being put down on my deeds, apparently a common thing in corrupt Bulgaria, I did not use a lawyer and in the notary's office when i noticed this error when i checked the deeds i was told by the agent, that every body did this, it was normal so everybody pays less tax.

    I was checking the translated document so hard it did not really sink in what this meant to me when i go to sell this place and i accepted it. Now i know what he was on about.
  4. roythepower

    roythepower New Member

    The place is still empty and unfurnished, I have still not managed to get the place furnished so i can try rent it out, its in Bansko.

    I don't know if there Is the some kind of empty and unfurnished discount on property's or how i would register myself for this discount.

    In fact i am not registered for anything in Bansko, property tax or electricity, does anyone know how i would go about registering for this property tax/discount, if there is any, or with the electric company. I am connected up for electricity but as the place has been empty apart from a few days when i went there last year, nothing has been done and i do not have a clue about doing it.

    And there is some owner who is sealing the blocks electricity by plugging a lead via his window into the plug socket outside which i assume is there for the building, what could i do about that, DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW
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