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Discussion in 'General Property Investment Discussion' started by SteveK, Jun 14, 2018 at 7:49 PM.

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    After having purchased a probate properties over the years (all great bargains BMV), I wondered if anyone knows of a website or service that provides a list of probate properties currently for sale?

    In case people are unfamiliar with probate property, it is simply property left in the estate of a deceased person, which often is being sold by motivated sellers i.e. the beneficiaries of the will who might be willing to accept a lower offer to sell quickly and easily.

    I am not asking for names and numbers of the family of the deceased or executors, but just the details of properties up for sale with agents/on Rightmove that are known to be probate property?

    I know you can sometimes spot a probate property advert a mile off on RightMove. The ones with the floral carpets and green bathroom suites! but this can be hit and miss not to mention time consuming.


    Steve K
  2. SteveK

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    Thanks, that looks interesting as it gives the full address. The question is though, how do you accurately match those notices to a property for sale online?

    You can't easily search by address on a property portal website only postcode so you end up with a load of results that you need to go through to spot the probate property. I guess you can go through each one and look at photos and description to find the clues but must be a better less time consuming way.
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  4. FWL

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    It may sound a little cold but why dont you monitor the deceased columns in local newspaper? That should give you plenty of leads.
  5. SteveK

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    Yes, that information seems to be online too so I think I just need a way to identify them on Rightmove / Zoopla
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    I suppose you could also contact local legal practices and try and do a deal where your property purchase services are placed in front of a deceased family when looking to liquidate estate assets asap?
  7. SteveK

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    I hadn't considered that route. I would prefer to stick with identifying then on the open market for now though.

    It does seem to be possible to match the Probate notices to the adverts on Rightmove with a bit of work.

    I am currently building up a list of probate properties in my area.

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