Private landlords leaving rental market



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There are signs that private landlords are growing sick and tired of the ever increasing tax burden and regulatory paperwork regarding private rental properties. In traditional markets this might lead to a softening prices but it would appear there are major corporations on the sidelines looking to mop up “unwanted” property. Is this the way forward for the UK buy to let market?


I am one of a growing band of people who are suspicious as to whether the UK government would prefer a small band of large corporations looking after the UK buy to let market. Recent tax changes, many of which have no relevance in company law, are hitting private landlords extremely hard. However, despite the doom and gloom there is still a significant return to be made in the private rental market.

I don't believe that the stampede away from buy to let investments is anywhere near as strong as some would suggest.
Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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I agree it will hurt the “part time” investors the hardest so you either need to be more determined or keep growing your portfolio (in Ltd Co’s) to get past the viability margin...

I think the government just want more professional landlords who actually know the regulations etc much better... if it’s too “easy” and everyone can be a landlord it’s very hard to manage and enforce back practices.

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It does look as though the government is focusing more on "professional" landlords but this is a shame as private landlords have to a certain extent funded this market for many years.