Prime real estate prices in India expected to increase by up to 15% in 2010, according to new report

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Nicholas Wallwork

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Prime property prices in India are likely to increase by 12 to 15% in 2010 as richer buyers invest*in real estate, it is claimed.

India's prime property market is being inexorably driven by demographic change with the number*of households described as rich expected to rise from three million in 2003 to 11 million by 2013.*Meanwhile, the number of middle class aspirers is predicted to leap even more dramatically from 46*million to 124 million.

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Actually the growth of India real estate is around 30% per annum.
Prime location like gurgaon, noida are saturated now.....they will collapse within a few years if this hike continues


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As you can see, indian real estate market is going at a very fast rate. You should have heard by now that Mumbai, India is going to have the worlds Tallest residential Building. By this you can Guess india's growth in the Real Estate market.;)


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I am also expecting the growth soon as the market ticking


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All prices are increasing in India, right from fuel to vegetables. Now, its the turn of real estate. Doesn't makes any difference. Its just adding to the burden of common man.


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It is indeed true. Now that the saturated cities are over, the tier 2 cities will rise with real estate benefits. Its a good idea to invest in cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, etc since these cities are growing rapidly now.


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As per my business experience in this field i have been selling lands in Nashik and have seen 30% of hike within a year. May be reason is 500 acres of land i.e 2026143.7908496733 square meter of land has been alloted by government of india for industrial development to MIDC ( Maharastra Industrial Develeopment Corporation) and its going to be biggest Industrial area in Asia. The golden triangle between mumbai-pune-nashik is another reason for hike. Mumbai - Agra Highway which is part of quadrilateral plan of higways has been completed and Distance between mumbai to Nashik is just of 2 hours and 30 minutes now. Same way nashik- pune four laning has been in progress now. 30 million INR has been sanctioned for Airport Terminal at nashik. If you check out land prices approx 30- 50 kms from nashik on Mumbai-nashik highway costs you 35 to 50 lacs per acre.


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Pune is the best place for property investments for higher rate of returns