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Prices in Arjan, DubaiLand

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by sgaur, May 18, 2008.

  1. sgaur

    sgaur New Member

    Could somebody let me know the prices of Hotel Appartments in Arjan, DubaiLand? Is this good investment or not?
  2. euroinvest

    euroinvest New Member

    Hotel Apartments are presently the best form of long term investment that I have seen so far, although I dont think any HA properties have really started operation and it will be worth waiting to see how they go. Dubailand is a perfect choise for HA, and I am also looking for similar investments. If you find something let me know. By the way, the late 2007 prices in Dubailand stood at around 850 PSQFT, may have gone up by a minimum of 5% to a max to date of 15%
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  3. sgaur

    sgaur New Member

    I enquired in many hotel appartments

    Developer prices in Dubai sports city are between 1700 to 2000

    Reseller prices are between 1500 to 1700. But you have to pay upfront 20% to 30%.

    Thats why I am looking in Arjan. But I donot know if area is better than DSC or not.
  4. euroinvest

    euroinvest New Member

    Im sorry i have no idea about Arjan as yet, but I will look it up. Quite frankly, the prices you have mentioned are on the higher side, but then it does depend upon may factors eg size, location, developers reutation, amenities, features, extras, freebies, etc.

    Are you from the UK? I am.
  5. sgaur

    sgaur New Member

    I am from Kuwait. I tried to bargain with many developers and resellers, but they did not move below these prices.
  6. sgaur

    sgaur New Member

    Does anybody has idea about prices of hotel appartment in Arjan, Dubai land near Dubai Wheel?
  7. sgaur

    sgaur New Member

    Is Arjan a part of Dubailand like Dubai Sports City?
  8. koko_koko

    koko_koko New Member

    We have a project in Dubai Land. Please contact me on mail.

    [email protected]
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