Price Valuation Issues



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Cut long story short, I am purchasing a apartment in London and did my research based on land registry and current trends and put offer down and got accepted.
The flat is a 1 year old flat on lower floor but with 114 sq feet balcony and larger then average size for new build and quite unique as there is a lot of built in storage and things like walk in wardrobe and usual high end features like Air Cooling, Mood lighting, stone worktops etc Its located in a new area where a lot of being built and its 5 mins to tube and will be 10 mins to cross rail station if that ever opens. Also near water front and plenty of parks near by.
Fast forward to valuation and it was down valued by 50k! That seemed like a lot and got no reasons why or got to see a report. Now if it was 10-20k down then would be different. My broker said that is quite high even for a new flat so I applied to different lender and they down valued by 100k! This time I saw report and it was very basic. They mentioned it has EW1S form which got A1 rating but lenders may not lend on it but lender was fine with this as its highest rating and no flammable cladding detected, then they mentioned new build premium and incentives but this is not new build direct from developer its 1 year old and buying from private person and lastly they said ware and tare that needs upgrades or repairs. Even though no one has lived in it and I did not notice anything that needs 100k of repairs!

Am I just really unlucky with 2 incompetent valuers or is it just down to them covering backs due to covid?
Even broker said its very unusual for 2 valuations to vary so much,