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price per square foot

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by fier14, May 12, 2008.

  1. fier14

    fier14 New Member

    Hello everybody.
    I have an easy question and hope you will be able to answer. when talking about the price psf what areas are included in the calculation?
    For example, I have a price from an agent as follows:

    Carpet area 753.30
    balcony area 27.23
    Total area (net) 780.53
    Total area (gross) 960.06
    (all in ft)

    Unit price AED 1,405,000
    Parking bay price AED 50,000
    Total price AED 1,455,000

    I used total gross area (i.e. 960.06) and the total price 1,455,000 (incl parking price) and arrived at AED 1515 psf (1,455,000/960.06).

    Is that the right way to calculate?

    Many Thanks
  2. Inlux

    Inlux New Member

    Does anyone know what the price per sqft is for JBR
  3. canadianboy

    canadianboy New Member

    maybe you can explain that 180 sqft difference between the net and the gross?
  4. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Yes , that s the simpler way of calculating, but some developers and agents dont calculate parking price in the total price PSF,which I dont think is correct.

    Canadian Boy,
    Difference between gross and net areas is basically common areas like walk ways, stairs, lifts, swimming pool, gym, sauna room etc etc etc
  5. fier14

    fier14 New Member

    cheers, everybody.
    from what I know usually the gross area is larger then the net area by 20% (kind of typical). I am not sure if this is a standard, though. however, an agent I was talking to when describing one of the properties just added 20% on top of the net and told me that was the gross.
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