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Predicted rentals in Jumeirah village?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Marni, May 5, 2008.

  1. Marni

    Marni New Member

    Hi everyone...just registered on this forum.

    Does anyone know what the rentals in Jumeirah Village could possibly be once its completed? Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    studio 50k
    one bed 70k
    two bed 90k

    not for long
  3. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Rightly said, one should expect corrections on rentals.

    Out of curiousity, what would be the rentals in the UK for a similar development.

    Can someone tell us.


  4. Marni

    Marni New Member

    is that once its completed? i thought it be higher than that...
    Georgihh, what do u mean by not for long? are rents expected to rise in this area? sorry for the questions but i was told jumeirah village is a good place for rental returns!
  5. mpat

    mpat New Member

    JVS might be good place for rentals but one should not expect more than what georgihh said, there are many many many projects getting ready together with JVS to compete....
  6. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    You should expect a correction in rental income once more properties come into the market.


  7. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Rental return is dropping in Dubai and will drop more
    At the beginning 4 years ago was easy to achieve 15% per year for example Greens
    Now in Greens you get 8-9 %. Same applies to Springs, Dubai Marina and all the properties being delivered for the last 4 years.
    I expect the rental return to drop to 6% in the next 2-3years
    This doesn’t mean you won’t make money from buying and reselling the property.
    If you buy a one bedroom flat for 700000 DHS in JVS after 2-3 years at the time of delivery. The price should be just over one million (assuming 6 % rent and the rent is 70000k per year).
    Market is stabilizing and don’t expect any more gifts from the developers
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