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Pre-launch from Hydra?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by MyDamac, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned

    Hi all,

    Is there any pre-launches coming from Hydra in AbuDhabi?

  2. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    Yes, in Cityscape.. 2,600, 2,800 3,000 + on Al Reem Island.

    Plus I'm sure Aldar will launch something again as they always tend to do at these exhibitions.
  3. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    I've hear Hydra is launching at 2800 something called Marina Waves. Not 100% sure on the name. I've also heard someone bought the building and will sell at cityscape for 2% premium.
    Do you work for Damac?
  4. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned

    is it possible to get infos on pre-launches from Hydra?

    I don't work for DAMAC but a direct agent for DAMAC,
  5. Sharjil Lakdawala

    Sharjil Lakdawala New Member

    There is a prelaunch by hydra mate??? Hydra golf walk abudhabi on sheikh zayed road facing 27 hole golf course Floor size 8392.75 O.P. aed 1890 per sqft and 5 dhs on floor rise each floor has 4 studio 2 onbed 9 two bed
  6. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned


    can you please send me the full details at [email protected]

  7. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member


    Usually Hydra doesn't dish out the info before their launches. Are you interested in buying for yourself or client?

    With prices increasing so high in Abu Dhabi, I Highly suggest you get Hydra in re-sale. Something they launched much earlier this year. Under 2,100 aed/sqft level. You can surely get something with only 20% payment made. Ideally for under 5% premium.

    And go for a 1 bed room apt. Those are the fastest selling units on Al Reem Island.

    Look into this before you make an expensive purchase. You can sell again after Cityscape for a good margin. I believe Hydra Heights' owners don't need to make next installment payment till December 08. Go for that.
  8. defc0nx

    defc0nx Banned

    I've been offered a floor in the HYDRA golf walk , and been assured that it is going to be good for flipping. I'm new to this flipping game and abu dhabi market in general. So need some opinion from you guys. Is hydra a really good developer? Secondly the price offered 1890/sq/ft. Does it show potential , that in 2-3 months time, ill be able to sell it off for a 5% premium minimum. All feedback would be highly appreciated.
  9. Fran

    Fran New Member

    I know some one who offered Hydra Golf Walk , but not from Hydra (re-sale), for AED 1300 per Sq.ft.
  10. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    I would buy at Dhs 1300 psf. That's a fantastic price for Hydra and Abudhabi.


  11. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned

    defc0nx and fran,

    would you mind sharing the offers with me? I am really interested.
  12. defc0nx

    defc0nx Banned

    Unfortunately it was all sold out. Anyway, anyone has hydra full building in golf walk with 0% premium?
  13. Fran

    Fran New Member

    The offer at dh 1300 per sq.ft is not sold out, but I need some time to finalize details and will definitely come back to the interested parties when ready...
  14. greyseal

    greyseal New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've read quite a bit about Hydra Properties on the internet . I entered the term visit dubai into Google UK and checked the first site I saw at the top of the page . Is it all true?Dubai looks interesting.
    I live in the UK. Can any of you guys let me know what progress is being made on the Hydra Properties on Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi........and how about the tower on Sheikh Zayed Road? I've been reading about that too. Are property prices going to keep rising in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?
  15. greyseal

    greyseal New Member

    How much development has taken place on Al Reem Island? It looks like a massive project. I put visit dubai into GoogleUk back here in the UK and read about Al Reem Island on the first [top]site I saw. Is that info right? The trouble is ,that the internet may not be up to date and we have had a global banking crisis ! How will this affect Al Reem and all the Dubai stuff ? Can the people of the west afford all these expensive UAE properties at these prices? There is a big banking squeeze and property drops in Europe and the USA.
    What's the feeling in Dubai? The pics I saw on that site look impressive, but there is an awful lot of property being built, with a recession looming.
  16. sameer.dada

    sameer.dada New Member

    Its true that Hydra is doing many projects on Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi. As for prices, Abu Dhabi is a great place to invest long term. I stress the long term part (not flipping). Now is a good time to buy units for 0% premium or even negative.
  17. greyseal

    greyseal New Member

    What is the progress of Hydra projects on Al Reem Island? I am in the UK and interested in investing.
  18. greyseal

    greyseal New Member

    WHAT is "long-term" ?
    How much are all these developers dependent on western buyers and investment ? If Al Reem will house a million and a half , as stated on that visit dubai site I saw [ I put visit dubai into Google UK and read the first site], and Waterfront in Dubai housing another million, how many Expats will there be in the UAE all told? The UAE could be increasing by 3 million or even 5 million if all those apartments are full in 2015 !
    A recession in the west and too many properties in the UAE , could lead to BIG problems in future!!
    What do you reckon? Property in the UK is falling by about 25 per cent at the moment, from 2006 peak. Banks have lost billions on property values which are over-inflated. Property is not production, like factory sales ; it is "inflation" when prices rise !
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