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Prague Valuations

Discussion in 'Emerging Property in Europe' started by soabu, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. soabu

    soabu New Member

    I am looking to exit my apartment in Prague 7 district. I am getting mixed feedback with regards valuations. Are properties generally sold at a flat rate psm for the internal leaseable areas or a combination of different rates psm for all areas including balconies/terraces????:confused:
  2. amzee

    amzee New Member


    havent you also got an apartment in beroun as well??

    anyways, i have just returned from czech republic today and i can safely say that this is a good investment..

    otherwise, im not sure how valuations are currently done but im pretty sure it may be PSM.....although dont quote me on this.

    have you looked at anywhere else to invest in czech repbulic?
  3. soabu

    soabu New Member

    Yes I do have an apartment in Beroun. I have decided to keep my Beroun apartment and one Prague 7 apartment as long term punts. The other Prague 7 apartment I have listed for sale at CZK 70,000 psm (this is a blended valuation rate). I think through exiting this property, it will allow me to take advantage of the exchange rate and buoyant prices. I will be reinvesting into a property in Abu Dhabi. I hope to approach areas in Czech Republic later this year for further opportunities.
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