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Power of Attorney

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by keith53, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. keith53

    keith53 New Member

    Does anyone know how to retract a Power of Attorney from a company in Bulgaria without actually going there.
  2. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hi Keith 53

    This is actually a more complex question that you might think with regard to Bulgaria. There is no central registry for PoA, so you need to get the originals back and also be sure that no copies are in circulation.

    Who did you give power of attorney to? This might help in the best advice which can be given. Also, why are you worried that this needs to be cancelled?

    All the best
  3. keith53

    keith53 New Member

    I think it is possible that the person that organised the POA may have include the right to sell as well as buy.The power of Attorney was not collected until the following day and unfortunately I had to go home before this was picked up,seems there was a technical question that the notary was not sure about.The POA is in the hands of the company dealing with administration,etc and he also has my Bulstat card,which he stated he needed to obtain information for Tax purposes,etc.I was not happy about this,but as he had quite a good rating on a forum I decide to trust him.The forum has since shut down and access is not possible.It is highly likely that the forum was set up by him.It is quite a bit more involved than this,but it would take to long to post it here.......Keith53
  4. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hi Keith, I'm a bit confused here, are you an agent acting on behalf of someone else? Or are you the person who gave the PoA? Can you put up the PoA on here so that I can see what is going on? What did you (if it were you) agree to in the PoA? Did you get the PoA translated by a registered translator?

    Of course the PoA would need your bulstat number, that is normal.

    The question really is, did you have a registered translator certifty the document you were signing and what did it say? If you have given wide open PoA to someone else, then there is nothing more that anyone can do.... perhaps you have evidence that you did not sign this kind of agreement???? I hope so.

    All the best
  5. keith53

    keith53 New Member

    Hi,firstly the property is mine,so I am not an agent.The POA was originally taken back from the agent that sold me the house 2 years ago.The reason for this was he was very slow to do things and took over a year to register the purchase of my house.This was when I met the present agent,who said he was in a position to take care of the property,etc.This was to include building work,paying taxes,etc.He suggested a notary and we went together to establish a POA,and also arrange to cancel the POA with the previous agent.The POA was to be for the purposes mentioned and was to include the right to buy on my behalf,but not to sell.I specifically told the translator that it was not to include the power to sell.The notary was having problems with her computer printing the POA in English and said it would not be ready until the following day.I then had to leave Bulgaria that day and as far as I know the POA was picked up by the agent the following day.This is where the problems have really begun,as prior to this the agent was answering my emails,etc very promptly,but then emails were going unanswered and telephone messages were also being ignored.I had one email telling me that the POA was now in his office and the old POA had been taken from the old agent.I returned to Bulgaria in September this year and visited the agent to collect my documents as arranged,but when I arrived to collect them I was told that he had gone away for a while on business and they would inform him that I had called.To date he has not contacted me at all,although I know he is still running his business.I have started hearing rumours from people I know in Bulgaria and he could well be using my documents and other peoples for the purpose of deception.At the moment I am in two minds whether to go back to Bulgaria,or try and sort it from over here.If you look at my other post you will see that I am trying to find out if anyone else is aware of this agent,or had any suspicious dealings with him.I don't really want to name him yet, as it is possible there is a logical reason for ignoring my calls,but I don't think so.Sorry to be so long winded,but it is a long story.........Keith
  6. medseA


    go to the notary public in your country and have a power of attorney (with same details) made then certified translation into Bulgarian... and post
  7. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hi Keith

    You really need these people to contact you. I hope they do and all is ok. You also need to see check precisely what the PoA which is "active" says. Does it give control over your bank accounts? If so, have you checked your statements to see if monies have been removed?

    Doing another PoA will not cancel the one which is out there now. PoA takes on a life of its own in Bulgaria. You would need the original and any copies back before making a new one.

    You say you've heard rumours from people in Bulgaria. Do you know anyone in the area who could go and visit this agent on your behalf? Might be worth a try.

    Good luck
  8. damyanov

    damyanov New Member

    Hello Keith,

    My name is Bozhidar and I am solicitor from Bulgaria. I am sorry to hear about your troubles with the agents.
    If you want you can send me a copy of this POA to to check its content and I could advise you on the situation.
    This won't cost you anything.
    Bozhidar Damyanov
  9. keith53

    keith53 New Member

    Hi Bozhidar,thanks for the help and advice,You have saved me an awful lot of trouble.I will certainly be using your services in the future.....Keith
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