Possibly buying a fire damaged mixed use property



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I've had a look at a fire damaged property which I'm thinking of putting in an offer.

At the moment it is/was 3 one bed flats, 2 bedsits and a shop, I'll be either keeping it as it is or if I can get planning permission I'll use the shop to turn the 2 bedsits into 2 one bed flats.

It needs everything doing to it and I'm hoping someone on here has done something similar and can give me some advice, I have renovated a couple of terraced houses but nothing like this.


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Cheers for your reply Conrad, I've been offered finance but I'll be in touch if my offer is accepted .
Yes I will get a good surveyor but need to make it safe first, much of the property is not accessible and apart from the fire there have been and possibly still are squatters in the property.

I've done a local authority search for council tax, only showing 3 one bed flats and one bedsit.

going to phone the local authority tomorrow (planning) and see what they say.

Unfortunately although everyone was rescued from the fire a woman later died in hospital from her injuries.


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The high street is dead so I agree with your comments regarding seeking to convert the shop to a residential property. The fact there has been fire damage should set alarm bells ringing and push you to investigate further about potential issues and damage caused.