Positive signs for Northern Ireland commercial property market



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Seems bizarre with all of the uncertainty surrounding Northern Ireland. Personally I cannot see how the UK government can agree to effectively separate part of the UK and have it operate under the EU when the rest of the UK has left. Politically, morally and legally this would surely be all wrong?


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Surely there is no way that the Northern Ireland property market can hold up, even in the event of an eventual favourable Brexit arrangement, when there is so much uncertainty around? There is talk today that the European Union has rejected the U.K.'s solution to the border crisis although in reality, what right does the European Union have to dictate the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland? However, even this fact causes greater uncertainty.


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The Irish border issue seems to be taking up a lot of time and effort within the EU and Brexit negotiations. Investment markets seem unconcerned, with regards to Northern Ireland, if renewed interest in the property market is anything to go by. Surely there must be at least a degree of concern?


There is a counterargument that, in the long term, if Northern Ireland remained part of the European Union in some shape or form, it may well be entitled to EU funding which would help various areas of the economy. Surely this would have a beneficial impact upon the local property market?

However, at the moment I would await the customary investor concerns which, as night follows day, will emerge at some point.