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    We would like to inform all people who have suffered rentals scams in Portugal that there are legal ways to get refunded, you must act in time because there is only a short period of time for doing it.

    Read DECREE LAW 400/2009 of April 14th and recently DECREE LAW 61/2011 of May 6th.

    When you rent a tourism property in Portugal we also advise to ask for a copy of the tourism title ( when it is a villa or apartment ) which certifies the property.

    Usually these properties were registered for habitation purposes, then, property owners start running the tourism business in it but they forget to license it properly.,

    This is a easy to go process that can cost a minimum of € 150.00 to a maximum of € 300.00 ( including responsibility terms for gas, electricity and others ), so, there is no reason for not doing it.

    When a property is not licensed and if for some reason a customer has an accident while in holidays there is no insurance company that pays for this insurance policy, just because this person had the accident in a non licensed property ( we know how insurance companies work ).

    ASAE ( the official inspectors of the government ) are also very active and when they visit this sort of properties they will fine tourists in holiday in that property, the property owner and the travel agent or agency ( including newspapers, magazines, webpages, anyone that advertises an illegal tourist property, and these get the heavier fines ).

    Next time you go in holidays we suggest to ask a copy of the tourism title ( see below ) and relax.

    The Portuguese authorities are fighting tax avoidance very hard and parallel beds are illegal and not fair, you do not want to help parallel business even though they may seem cheaper ( and they are not ). If you can not find a certified property go to a hotel, you will be safer and certainly in a fair environment.

    If you are a property owner you can find more about the certification law, find DECREE LAW 517/2008 of June 25th and be fair.

    A property with a valid tourism title is fair, is nice, is serious, is safe, that is right.

    We hope this article helped someone.

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