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Poll : Retirement Village Prospect in TRNC

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by Rachel, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Rachel

    Rachel New Member

    To All Concerned

    I would like to put forward an appeal for opinions on the concept of a completely facilitated retirement village here in the TRNC.

    We are looking at several locations, but the idea would be to offer a facility which encompasses on site medical and operating facilities, 24/7 on call assistance, a small apart hotel type for relatives visiting, activities such as bowling green, pools, transport services, shops, dentists, pharmacy, therapy rooms, entertainment theatre, social events and lots lots more. So much in fact that people would probably not need to leave the village at all!

    There is nothing like it here, and we believe that it would be of a great benefit to have something of this nature on the island.

    I would to like to hear from you with regard to what you feel about the concept, where the project should be located, for example near to a major town, or whether it would suit a more out of the way area, what facilities you would expect, or indeed if you live here, whether it might be something that your parents or grandparents would consider.

    Don't forget, in the UK, we have one of largest elderly populations in Europe, and the healthcare system, as well as private run retirement homes, as they stand, are not known as the best.

    Think about it, retiring in the UK, or retiring with all the help and assistance you could need in the Meditteranean?

    It is a project that investment groups should automatically go for, with the right marketing etc, but would love to gain some more opinions from us peeps on the street.

    Thoughts much appreciated.
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