Political unrest dragging Thailand property market down

Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, May 18, 2014.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

    Despite the fact that Thailand is one of the more popular international property markets it seems that political unrest is starting to have a major impact upon new builds, property prices and the take up of existing and new developments. At this moment in time it is the condominium developers who are feeling the pinch [...]

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  2. Clarus

    Clarus New Member

    I've been planning on buying a new build property (personally, not through Clarus)in Thailand this summer. Has anyone got any experience of the property market over there?

    I still think (hope) that the country will we least protect its tourism industry with all the troubles going on.

  3. DanielFTP

    DanielFTP New Member

    As an agent selling Condominiums in Thailand myself specifically Bangkok and Pattaya. I have personally not seen an "Impact" in sales at all as of late.

    Although there is political issues surrounding Thailand at the moment, ether are positive signs ahead and real investors are making moves into buying in Thailand more than ever at present.
  4. Kapil

    Kapil New Member

    There has been an unrest going on through past few years but then the property market is doing fine with investments coming in.
  5. alwaysasking

    alwaysasking New Member

    But don't you think this unrest wouldn't lead to losses if the things there escalate? I'm not sure if investing in Thailand right now is a good idea..

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