Political stability, tick, falling interest rates, on the way

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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The UK property market has so far managed to remain relatively stable despite the doom and gloom peddled by EU supporters. The last few hours have seen a significant uplift in the short to medium term outlook for the UK with a new prime minister and an indication that UK base rates will fall in

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Despite the doom and gloom in the aftermath of the EU referendum we are starting to see more positive developments emerge. It was to be expected that some investors would sit on the sidelines after the surprise EU referendum vote but at this moment in time it seems to be “business as usual” for the UK property market.


So called “problems” with the UK property market seem to have been overdone in light of the Brexit vote. Stock markets are back to where they were, interest rates may be rumoured to fall but nothing has happened yet and while the IMF downgraded UK economic growth prospects for next year they are still better than many EU members. Is there really a need to panic?