Plzzzzzzzzz dont mention the weather!

Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by CMChris, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. CMChris

    CMChris New Member

    I hope all of you enjoying the HOT DRY SUNNY weather in Egypt won't keep on about it, while we back in the UK are cold, wet and soggy with snow coming everywhere (so they say). I've now put a photo of the Red Sea next to my computer just to remind me of blue sky, sunshine and the sun twinkling on a blue blue sea. I'm off to practice my Mary Poppins act with my brolly and hopefully the wind will blow me south to Egypt.
  2. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    Weather not to bad today, woke up to find patio set in garden pond, all my recycle plastics all over the garden and not to mention next doors fence panel. But never mind Chris wont be long before the plane takes off for Hurghada 11 weeks I am counting.....

  3. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

    What good weather in Hurghada?? I'm just back today and spent the last week with my fleece on!! The sun was always shinning but the wind would cut you in two. Tried one day to lay on the beach but it kind of defeats the point when you are covered in goose bumbs!!

    Be warned, if you are going out soon, make sure you have a few fleeces for during the day and long trousers for night.
  4. Con96

    Con96 New Member

    Yes, i am back today too. It rained last saturday first time in 8yrs and we actually saw a rainbow.Wind all week and a sandstorm on wednesday. Pretty chilly, so take those fleeces and cardies. It was nice yesterday though as the wind died down and people actually on the beach sunbathing without coats on.. So wont be visiting in January, i will stick to hotter months.
  5. crombiestone

    crombiestone New Member


    The definition of rain in Egypt seems to be a grey area . We certainly had rain in El Gouna last year combined with storng winds which caked everything in sand .This thankfully brushed off easily the next day . Some Egyptians only count rain if the streets are awash . I would say that there are signs of rain each year but most of them if you blink you will miss them .
  6. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

    The high today in Hurghada is 29. It's warming up nicely. Hopefully I'll get a suntan in April.

  7. don't worry will get it 100% as sun here all days ;)
  8. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Been reaching 30 in Sharm as well.
  9. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

    Just shows how much the weather has changed in only six weeks. When we where there at the end of Jan it was freezing!! I had my fleece on most of the week and long trousers at night.

    Oh i can't wait. Less than 7 weeks to go!!

    When r u going to Sharm again Queenie

  10. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    I've been watching Sky News and it looks as though the UK is in for some haevy storms. Hope everyone's OK. I'm very sorry to tell you that the weather here is gorgeous - very warm and sunny. Maybe it helps to know that I would prefer the storm!
  11. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Isab - very nice of you to let us know how warm it is LOL.

    Yes we are at the moment getting a right battering. Really strong winds up to 80mph and heavy rain. It is that bad that I came down stairs this morning and there is all dirty water on my kitchen floor that has come through the back door I think.

    Hi Lyndsay - defo going for 2 weeks on 7th Octobaer as flights booked. Hoping to go soon though if they say that I can collect my keys at the end of the month. So I may be able to get out towards the end of April and fly over to Hurgh and meet up with some of you. Watch this space.
  12. CMChris

    CMChris New Member

    My hubby has abandoned me for a comfy liveaboard this week and keeps sending me text saying how warm and DRY it is. Just got in from sorting my horses in 60mph winds and driving rain and I'm wishing I had said that I was going instead of him. Stay safe if you're battling this storm.
  13. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

    For once northern ireland is ok. I'm sitting in the kitchen, with the sun beating on my back. Still freezing outside, i'll just have to sit here all day instead!!
  14. babette

    babette New Member

    Heard today that my kitchen is coming next week, so now I do have an excuse to go to Hurghada. Great to hear that the weather improved as last month is it was chilly.
  15. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Chris - how unfair - its normally the other way round - I go and leave hubby here LOL.

    Hi Babette - how exciting is that. Please do post pics of your new kitchen. Bet you cant wait. This is the time when everything starts coming together and it starts to look more like a home than a shell.
    Inlaws flew out to Sharm yesterday and it is hot hot hot. I dont think they anticipated it to be in 90's. Ma in law is Irish and she always ends up red.

    Hubby just called - he was on M25 this morning and huge pools of water. Not long after he passed it there was a 10 car pile up : (.

    He sent all the workers home except my son and he says now the sun has come out but dont think it will be for much longer as someone has just turned the lights out here.

    I think my kitchen is gonna get wet again. Think I have a leak in the seal in the back door. Just praying its not coming up from under the ceramic floor tiles as dont like the prospect of ripping them all up to try and find a pipe leak.

    Keep safe all. I need to go up the town to bank but still sitting here in PJ's LOL.

  16. CMChris

    CMChris New Member

    Storm part 2 has just arrived here! I've just been to check the horses haven't been blown away, left in bright sunshine and within 10 minutes the horizontal rain returned. My garage now looks like a muddy puddle with 2 soaking coats dripping nicely.
    Really looking forward to the easter hols and we can go visit Sahl and soak up some sun.
  17. Ohh hthis is unfair i hope we can send you some sun in bottels LOL ;)
  18. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Chris - yes part 2 is defo here as well.

    I better put this laptop down, have a bath, get dressed and do some housework the try and go to the Town. Dont want hubby getting rained off early and catching me at it LOL ( on the laptop I mean!! )
  19. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Morning everyone

    I hope the storm has now passed and you all got away lightly - nobody hurt, no damage.

    Another hot day here in Bahrain..... promise you it does get boring!!:)

  20. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member


    Do you ever get used to the weather? It's my one worry about moving to Egypt and spending about 5 or 6 months of the year in over 30 dgree heat



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