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Please advice !!!

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by ITMASTER, Jun 27, 2008.


    ITMASTER New Member

    Dear Experts of Property market..

    Please advice me how much risky to go for Ajman Emirates city for GOLDCRESTprojects.. I will put all my money earned durin years of Hard work..
    Could you please advice me to go for this and wait till completion of Project then what you think when I can start recive rental income...

    Please advice I have 50000US$ in cash and with long paymetn plan I can work and pay other part during years.

    Thanks in advance
  2. DAYFox

    DAYFox New Member

    First point:
    To put all your money on one horse is never a good idea!!! A wise man said: Only invest 10% of your total capital into one project!
  3. kk1974

    kk1974 New Member

    Great advice provided that you got enough capital so that your 10% can actually secure some property for you. :)

    With Ajman you need to take few things in consideration:

    Emerging market - high risks.

    There is no infrastructure, lots of projects are launched but no one can tell when and how will they realise. Take a look at Dubai. Though its much ahead of Ajman in all regards, most of the projects get seriously delayed because the master developer is not ready to release the land to end developers. They struggle with infrastructure.

    Try to get Ajmans master plan. Inquire about water and electricity supply for all these launched developments. You will not get very helpful answers.

    Also, Ajman is living on a premise of all the people who cant afford to live in Dubai moving to Ajman. That might well be so, but it doesn't have to be. So again, the market is being driven by speculators who are hoping for 'new Dubai opportunity' in Ajman. Consider that Dubai is to greater extend driven by speculators, though the end users are more tangible then in Ajman. What you have now is the market in Ajman being driven by speculators who are investing on the premise of Dubai speculation becoming true. There are too many variables here.

    In terms of rental income on the top of capital appreciation - the only place where you can surely count on that is Dubai - if you buy property nearing the handover. We can see from history that projects appreciate well near the completion, and generally there are no significant delays during that time.

    If you are buying a finished property, you can see what you are getting, you can see the history of rental income and you can easily get mortgage thus enabling you to diversify your investment and maximise your returns by leveraging. Though many people will say that the appreciation on completed properties is not as great as with off-plans, that can be made up for through easier financing as mentioned above, with much lower risks.

    As you said, it's your hard earned money.

    Back to DAYFox's wise man advice:

    I would put 10% of my total capital in Ajman, 20% in RAK, and 70% in Dubai (on carefully selected projects).

    Hope this helps.

    ITMASTER New Member

    Thanks for all replyes that really useful
  5. Halogen

    Halogen New Member

    Dear IT Master,

    Not wishing to be rude or anything, but all I see from you on this forum every few days is a post that you wish to buy this, that or another.

    Have you actually bought anything or are you just wasting people's time ?:confused:

    ITMASTER New Member

    Not wasting nothngs time..just don't want loose money earned furing many years of hard now it's clear that there is no sense to buy somehting in Ajman..
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