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  1. Tobuis

    Tobuis New Member

    Hi All
    I am looking to find out what the Portuguese use for finish plaster.

    In the UK it is pink multifinish gypsum plaster.

    If it is different from the multifinish could some explain how to use it and where to buy it in central Portugal please.

  2. Mamacats

    Mamacats New Member

    Sorry I can not help but hope you find out because it would be helpful information for us also.
    When we knock the dividing wall down between our kitchen and living room it will need to be finshed off to look professionalwithout the price of a pro.........
  3. Until recently it was usual to use cement-a bit rougher but no problem as long as you didn´t intend to wallpaper.Today builders merchants sell plaster,plaster board etc.
  4. Tobuis

    Tobuis New Member

    Hi Jim
    Thanks for the info.
    Could you let me know what the demand for plasterers is over there.
    I am coming out for 3-4 months in dec.
    Is 12 euros an hour reasonable money over there?

    Thanks again
  5. Property business is a bit quiet at the moment but give me a call when you arrive I will try to arrange a couple of intros for you.
  6. Tobuis

    Tobuis New Member

    Hi Jim
    Thanks for that.
    Where are you based?
    I will be staying in Tabua, central portugal..
    Do have any idea what the going hourly rate is over there?
    Thanks again.
  7. I am situated in the middle of the Algarve-10 mins Faro airport.
    I would think that there is far more building work down here but with the current crisis I'm not sure.
    Building site workers have been earning €10.
  8. Tobuis

    Tobuis New Member

    Hi Jim
    Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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