Planning Permission - variation in rules

Discussion in 'Legal & Regulatory' started by KGeeson, Dec 16, 2015.

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    Is it just me, or does anyone else find that getting planning permission is easier in some areas that others? If you live on an estate where the style of houses are quite uniform, doing anything at all (porch, loft conversion, bay window, etc) greatly depends on 'matching' the rest of the street. So if 4 of your neighbours have already gone into the loft then chances are you will have no problem getting planning yourself.

    But if you drive down a road where there are larger houses (I don't mean detached necessarily) it sometimes amazes me what differing house styles you can get right next door to each other. You can go from a victorian style house... to a contemporary build... to a bungalow. Is it a case of money buying you more options when it comes to planning permission (as larger houses seem to get more flexibility)?

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