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  1. lyndsay552

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    Has anyone good (or bad) recommendations of places to eat in Hurghada.

    We ate in a few different places. The Hardrock Cafe was really good food, if a bit expensive compared to other places but the fajhita's where to die for.

    We also went to a lovely Italian restaurant called La Luna, near the Iraida offices. The prices where excellent and the steaks beautiful. I think it was 780 LE for a steak that was half a cow!! Worth every penny.

    Any other suggestions

  2. Bulls Restaurant
    Da Nanni Italina Restaurant which is best pizza in town
    Pita Sphinx
    Fish House
  3. queenie40something

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    I cant remember the name but we had lovely meals in the Italian in Sekala ( I think ). It was very near to KFC and you went down a few stairs to enter the restaurant. Very cheap and fab food with excellent service.

    The girls liked Hard Rock. We had a good fish meal in the Old part but again cant remember name but it was on the end of a street ( police guards outside in the street ) and you went upstairs.
    We had a huge platter of lobster and huge prawns ( we had medium and the biggest I had ever seen ) salad with various dips, bread chips and 8 soft drinks and came to well under £20 ( kids only ate the chips and we had to then walk to Mc D' s )
    George will prob know where I mean.
  4. I think the Italina is Sbaro and fsh is Joker or Mina
  5. queenie40something

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    Hi George - yes the fish was one of those but the Italian was not that one as that is a well known chain with Italian flag and it defo wasnt that.
  6. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Online food ordering service

    Here is a link to a free online food ordering service for Cairo and Alex Otlob
  7. queenie40something

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  8. queenie40something

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    Pubs / lounges / casinos in Sharm

    Night Life - Sharm El Sheikh Travel Destination Guide - Dahab - Nuweiba and Sinai Desert

    On the prom you will find Ghazala beach bar that serves really good buy one get one free cocktails between 6 and 9 and has a live singer most evenings.

    Pirates bar has cheap beer - 6le at 6pm, 7le at 7pm and so on ntil 10pm.

    Harrys bar at the Marriott has a nightly show at 10 and 11 has a disco until the early hours. The also have a jightly show in their beachbar on the prom.
  9. queenie40something

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    St Georges 50% discount membership card

    Hi all Pete and Tracey at the St Georges bar in the Jasmine centre will give residents all a membership card that entitles us to 50% off all food and drink. Just take in your passport that shows your residents visa to obtain your card.
    Well worth it. Can see a few of us taking advantage of half proce beer lol.
  10. wayne_harris

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    Hi Alison, Should we get a residence visa? And how long does it last for. We don't know about these things. What is the best way to get one.
    Cheers Dawn -x-
  11. queenie40something

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    Hi Dawn I had to get a multi entry visa and residents visa to get the POA for my lawyer. I got mine at El Tor purely because we where out there at the time and it is cheaper than doing it in the UK. There are details of how to do this in the Sierra thread as a couple of people have recently got all their paperwork in London. The multi entry visa lasts 6m and the residents visa lasts for 12m. Now I have got the POA there is no need for me to renew them unless I wont to. I can still use my apartment without them as in Sharm you do not need a visa if you do not travel outside Sinai unlike resorts such as Hurghada. Check out Zeiads Legal thread as to where you stand with POA etc as Sharm differs from Hurghada as we are lease and not freehold.

  12. queenie40something

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  13. wayne_harris

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    Hi Alison, Thanks again for your kind help as always.
    Dawn -x-
  14. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Dawn your more than welcome xx
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  16. queenie40something

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  17. mgw911

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    Sahl Hasheesh, Palm Beach Piazza & Fantinis

    Hi Folks

    We have just returned from our little place in paradise in Palm Beach Piazza
    and had a fabulous time - we cannot wait to get back out there in
    early August! Sahl Hasheesh is certainly starting to take shape and
    will be absolutely amazing when it's finished.

    We would just like to tell you about the Italian Restaurant at Palm Beach called Fantinis - it is truly fantastic! Mick and Shirley, together with their
    wonderful staff, have done a fabulous job in creating a superb, high
    quality restaurant with a warm and inviting ambience. They even
    provide room service to Palm Beach apartments - something which is
    very useful if you don't feel like moving out of your apartment for
    whatever reason. For those visiting Sahl Hasheesh or even just
    staying in Hurghada, PLEASE PLEASE go and have a meal or a drink
    there so you can experience for yourselves how wonderful Fantinis is.
    We are sure you will get a very warm welcome from Mick and Shirley and
    their lovely staff.
  18. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    The English Pantry

    Hi all Lynda from the English Pantry can provide you will some of the foods you miss from home. Everything is made to order and delivered to you free of charge the following day. Lynda is a qualified English chef. Tel 0104896457
    Here is a small selection on her menu

    Pickled onions - 10le
    Beetroot - 8le
    Branston - 18le
    Lemon Curd - 15le

    Cornish pasty 12le, cheese and pot pasty 12le, minced beef & onion pie 22cm 25le, chick & mush 22cm 30le, apple 22cm 25le, lemon meringue 22cm 35le
    cheese & onion quiche 22cm 25le, broc & blue cheese 22cm 30le, 6 yorkshire puds 20le, 6 sage & onion stuffing balls 20le, custard 400ml 15le.

    If there is anything you fancy then just ask and she will prob accomadate.
  19. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Mc Donalds

    Mc Donalds in Naama Bay and Nabq are now serving breakfast from 6 til 11am.
  20. to be honest i stoped eating un any Mc Donalds as I got food poisoning last time :) and every time i was eating there i have problems in my stomach

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