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pipa, rio grande do norte

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by olicombet, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. olicombet

    olicombet New Member

    hi all
    pipa looks great when you visit their site
    anyone been there?
    any thoughts on propertythere?
  2. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi Olicombet,

    I have been quite a lot as we go out regularly to look at developments there and I always enjoy myself there. The place is one of those towns which is full of people that went there for a week's holiday and never left. It has lots of nice restaurants, bars, shops and places to stay, plus the beaches are really fantastic.

    Regarding property, it has an excellent rental and capital gains history. The town hall figures for hotel/pousada occupancy averaged 62% for last year.

    Planning permission there is pretty tight, two stories max or 7.5 metres, plus there is a lot of federally protected Atlantic forest there so it will never get built out.

    We sell a lot of property there as not only is it a good investment but people have a great time when they go there.

  3. olicombet

    olicombet New Member

  4. praiapipa

    praiapipa New Member

    commercial activities in pipa

    hello i envisage to settle there and launch an activity linked with tourism; has anyone been there and thinks of some missing service? any potential partner interested in my project? cheers
  5. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    Dont forget to get your permanent visa so you can work in Brasil! Pipa is great if you really want tourists- loads of Dutch, Scandinavian and now the brits are coming. Quite a quaint touristy place in my view, but close enough to other beaches like Tabau do Sul. Night life in season is pretty good, but can be pretty dead out of season. (dont understand why Thomsons do not come in the winter(here) as well, weather still hot etc. The sister Dutch company I believe fly all year from Amsterdam.) Anyway make sure you research your proposed business well, and do not expect to get rich!
  6. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Not sure about Pipa being quaint nor touristy. I would call Ponta Negra touristy, Pipa always reminds me of Byron Bay in Australia about 20 years ago.

    I am also not sure why you would go to the beach at Tibau, other than for the beach restaurants at the river entrance (and freshly shucked oysters mmmmmm), rather than use any of the three beaches in Pipa.

    Regarding the proposed business, I really can't think of anything that is obviously missing, the place is full of the usual shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and pousadas, so you would have to go out there, have a look and talk to people there.
  7. praiapipa

    praiapipa New Member

    Bob and Michael
    thanks a lot for your comments
    i will think it over!
    best regards
  8. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Great place, full of life (or was yesterday anyway). Didn't really spend enough time there to be able to tell you what business is missing but I did see; hairdressers, tatoo parlors, lots of bars, chemists, surfshops, beachwear shops, restaurants, beach bar (club which opened about a week ago), hotel (Portuguese group).

    Little bit further away just outside Pipa there is a massage/lie in a hammock on the beach-type-place, not sure if there is one inside Pipa.

    Bustling with life though, lots of people of all nationalities (recognised the languages - Swedish, Italian, German, Portuguese, English, Dutch, French) and lots of Brazilian tourists too. Most were probably Portuguese. The "main" restaurant is Portuguese too, run by a Benfica supporter Antonio (who wasn't too happy to hear I support Sporting over Benfica, but let me get away with it.)

    But doesn't have that horrible "cheap tacky tourism" feel at all, great feeling
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2007
  9. C J P

    C J P New Member

    Hi All

    I recently visited Pipa as I was interested in it as an investment opportunity. I researched some other areas but have decided to go with investing in Pipa. The town has a great atmosphere and everyone was so friendly - lets hope it lasts.

    Olicombet - you could set up a rival deckchair company on the Praia D'Amor - their wooden ones were really uncomfortable! On possibly a more sensible note, there was a lack of windsurfing but maybe there is a good reason for this??
  10. Celt

    Celt New Member

    brisas do amor

    Has anyone heard about a condominium development called Brisas do Amor which is being marketed by, a Norwegian agent? It is close to praia do amor about 1km from Pipa.

  11. praiapipa

    praiapipa New Member

  12. praiapipa

    praiapipa New Member

    i am there next week for 10 days and will investigate and share ideas once i am back home
  13. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    Hi Praia- you will be here for CarNatal then starts next THursday till Sunday
    2nd Dec. If you have business in Natal itself best do it early in the week!
  14. praiapipa

    praiapipa New Member

    thanks for the info but i actually land on 3rd!!! i will miss it this year
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