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    What has happened to this company they were once the best here in Sharm but there reputation hs gone down so much and there is so much bad press about them now and their lack of communication with the clients. I am of course a client of theres and I am so frustrated that this is the only way I can deal with my frustrating is by getting it off my chest. I have apartment in Gold Sharm and in Viva Reef and these are 2 projects now that have many problems especially Gold Sharm this is light a rubbish dump and the attitude of the management there is shocking nobody can help Pioneer have washed their hands off us once they have our money they are not interested why should we pay them my friend bought a property off another real estate agent here in Sharm and all the monies go direct to the developer this is becuase Pioneer hold on to it until the very last as another friend since told me as they had paid the instalment to Pioneer and 4 months later Gold Sharm still didn't have it they had to prove to GS they paid it how bad is this. Viva Reef so many changes and I have since heard the hotel could be sold to Russian company they have cheated us out of the pools the colour is hiseous and how long will we be having to live on a rat infested building site there is no other way to get to our apartments we have to go past the unfinished hotel. Nothing has been sold there now for months and also check the website out they have now reconfigured to sell studios and they are not even moving how bad is this we will be living on building site for years. We must come together to form a committee to fight this and get what is rightfully ours. Even the way they deal with their tenants for rentals is shocking and is bad and some of the states of the properties I have read is shocking they dont care. Just look at their track record how many staff have they gone through and some were really good and kind and caring they just now have such a high turn around I didn't even know anyone when I went in the office how can this be a british company when the majority of the staff I seen were foreign even the recptionist is russian.
    Whats going on people why are we standing for this
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    Dear Mary
    I understand fully your frustration. You have been treated very badly like many others who bought at "Bold Shame". Rest assured, many residents are now getting together to fight for their right. The governor of South Sinai Mr Mohamed Abdel Fadiel Shousha is looking at the case of "Bold Shame". You could write to the governor yourself and explain your problems. I shall write once again with more details. Keep on fighting for your rights.
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    Very quick turnover of workers

    Hi MadMary1
    I know what you mean about the staff changing quickly at Gold Sharm. I have an apartment there - and just as you feel you are making a little progress with one of them - they mysteriously leave. It's very strange. They promise you that they will sort it all out for you . . . and that you can trust them!!! I/ve heard it too many times now.:hmmmm2: I would be interested in joining this action group - as I have been battling with them for sometime now. Fortunately (or not!!) my apartment is actually finished. I have had problems with 'rent ripping' and tenants in my flat - without my permission - who have created lots of damage. GS seem to know nothing about it!!!! I have quite a few stories to tell about this. Semiramis
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    I would like to know more about this. :)

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