Pigeon Issues and Health and Safety



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I have a duplex flat that occupies the top two floors of a 7 storey block of flats. This flat has a balcony, that belongs to the flat and an over-hang that belongs to the common areas of the building.

Over the past 4 to 5 months pigeons have began to gather on this over-hang and their droppings are falling onto the balcony. I have spoken to the management people and they are very slow addressing this problem. All they say is that they will look into matter but nothing has happened as yet. The mess the pigeons are creating is quite considerable.

The management people will also not let me have access to the roof so that a pest control company can maybe put some spikes or netting on this over-hang.

Is there a agency/government body that I could go to can address this issue as it is a health and safety matter now. The droppinngs are by the balcony kitchen door.

The coucil will not address the issue as it is a pigeon problem and not a rodent problem!