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philippines= help!

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by gregsie74, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. gregsie74

    gregsie74 New Member

    has anyone bought a blue coral resort property on mactan island?

    are you happy?

    which agency did you go through?

    and has anyone tried to do a google on paradisyo land construction company? and found out anything about them? i have - and found nothing - are they solvent? do they have a contact number? where are they based

    im dealing with international horizons who are very nice people but i just need some advice regarding particular clauses of their contract - and- id appreciate if anyone could give me some advice- - please give me your email address so i can email you the clauses, to save me posting them on here

    im all very new to this foreign investment stuff and hoping that my first foray into investment wont be a red tape/financial nightmare so any help would be really appreciated

    thanks in advance,


    gregsie74 at yahoo dot com
  2. rjw8652

    rjw8652 New Member


    Property ownership in the Philippines is an absolute nightmare - especially for foreigners. You do know, I assume, that foreigners can only own condos, and then only where the foreign ownership portion of a condo building does not exceed 40%. There is also the added problem of fake land titles and corrupt officials (including attorneys) to contend with. The whole market is a minefield for the unwary.

    I seriously advise you to do a lot of research into Philippine real estate market and hear storoes from other seasoned expats before you even think of buying in these shark-infested waters!

  3. nick23

    nick23 New Member

    I reserved a studio on the 4th floor through experience international, So far it seems to be going well but i would be interested to see what you have found out.
  4. SpaceTeaBoo

    SpaceTeaBoo New Member

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  5. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    You certainly could do with some information on mental health !. What on earth are you doing posting this on a thread discussing property in the Phillipines ?. Consider another career path !.
  6. John

    John New Member

    Well said

    Mental health :)

    Too true!
  7. Serene

    Serene New Member

    Hi Greg,

    I would suggest you get in touch with the sales & marketing agent for this project, Asset Property Brokers, they have supplied me with an abundance of due diligence and are also quick to reply to my emails. I have purchased a studio apartment on the second floor through them.
    I have plenty of information on the developer that you are welcome to if would like it.
  8. gregsie74

    gregsie74 New Member

    hi serena

    please email me at gregsie74 at yahoo dot com

    with all info regarding developer. i already have seen their website, but what im interested in is what made you purchase. if you have a mobile number that would be great too

  9. Newbourne

    Newbourne New Member

    I'd also be interested in any information you could share,

    If you could please email Ben dot Fullwick at msn dot co dot uk I'd be grateful.
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