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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by lena green, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. lena green

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    What a quaint place this is, Alcantarilha. (google it) 3000 inhabitants all aged over 75 and me still 21. Every week there`s a procession to the graveyard,its so sad and I guess the village will close down one day...or maybe not.
    Just recently I have been contacted to do a Permuta 'whats that' I asks, swapping partners for the weekend?, I quips. 'kinda' comes the reply. I swap my land for finished property. 'OK whatchya got' I says, and low and behold, prime building land going for a song.

    The Permutas collected so far are 2 clicks from the beach, 10 clicks to the race track, Faro half hour away and walking distance to Amendoeira Golf Course.
    All thats needed is an interested party to make it work prefferably, cash rich.............anyone out there????????
  2. myalgarve

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    Hello, do you have a land for permuta ? i know some developer that is interested in permuta,
    Please send me the coordenates of your landa
  3. lena green

    lena green New Member

    Hi Val

    The land is in Alcantarila near to Amendoeira Golf Club, its in a good area call me on 967377059 for more info

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