people talking nonsense



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most of the people talking here don't have a clue of what they are saing.
yes you don't need a company if you are a foreign and you whant to buy land in Romania.
But you know the rules to do that?
i don't think so.
you just try to make a sale here. Thats the Romanian way.
i have 20 mil euros in lands here and belive me i know everything about real estate.
Wake up guys, this is not the way to do business. You just trying to sell some lands that are not even yours.
telling people not to purchase what they whant and come to you for investment? come on.
i just find this forum and i already see u talking ****.
u will never make money like this.
I run a real estate company for more then 10 years and i have partner from U.S.A to UAE Dubai, investment founds, banks,and if i was doing business like you i wouldn't get to where i am in 100 years.
Good luck to you but thats not enough