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  1. cin7166

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    I'm thinking about investing in Panama City. I already have property in Turkey and I have reserved an off plan condo in Kuala Lumpur.

    Has anyone else gone for Panama? I would be interested to hear your experiences. I'm thinking of letting it out until retirement.
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    Hi Cin,

    If you are looking for a investment property in Panama City, it might not be something you wish to retire to. The returns currently are fantastic in the capital, but the homes suitable for retirement are being bought and not rented out. Might I suggest a condo-hotel in a Panamanian resort to use as an investment as a stepping stone to using the growth to fund a retirement home for yourself?

    PM or email me for more details

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  3. cin7166

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    Hi Andy,

    Maybe I should buy for investment and live in Malaysia then:) I don't really fancy a condo/hotel, no idea why. Maybe because Ive no experience with them! There is a condo being build in the San Francisco area with ocean views I fancy. It's called Neo Tower. Anyone know of it? I'm not sure If I'm allowed to name agents names on here, so I won't, but he's based in Miami.
    Does anyone know if the zero property taxes relate to buy to lets also?

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