Panama is an attractive Destination

Discussion in 'Panama Property' started by gsinker, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Panama continues to be an attractive destination for many as it enjoys constant growth and a healthy economy.

    It is the fastest growing economy in Latin America, with GDP growing at faster rates than China (GDP growth rose 11.2% since 2006), and according to the International Monetary Fund, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

    Most recently digging began for $5.3 billion the expansion of the Panama Canal, which will be a great boost for the country's economy expecting to double the $1.5 billion revenue stream already going to the country of just over three million people.

    The country also provides several incentives to foreign buyers including a 20 year property tax exemption on any new property purchased as well as the possibility to obtain residency and a Panamanian passport after closing on property in Panama. There are also no restrictions on foreign ownership and property is fully titled and freehold.
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    Although Panama's GDP growth fell to to 8.3% in 2008 (from an astonishing 11.7% in 2007), this is still higher than other countries in the region, including Costa Rica.
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    And according to the bloomberg report the occupancy level for Panama is over 86%, that was last year believe me that is even higher now.

    Its near impossible to get booked into hotel without booking well in advance.

    Just a note the occupancy level is base on Hotels, the number will be lower for apartments because there is not acrual way to record these numbers. having said that owners i know dodnt seem to have much trouble renting out there apartments.

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