Panama has more than a Canal

Discussion in 'Panama Property' started by gsinker, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. gsinker

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    This was another article i found today on Panama.

    I am posting these details so readers might see what Panama has to offer more than just a sound investment away from those chilly so called "Hot Spots"
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    Hi Geoff,

    Liam Bailey here of Write About Property, I am currently looking for sources of positive news on the Panama property market, if you could please send me the source of that article I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. gsinker

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    Boulder County Business Report - Online!

    I am always looking for good articles on Panama.

    The doom and Gloom merchants dont seem to really think about what they are writing, just recently i saw a report that stated property prices had dropped in Panama. Well that is not the case what had dropped is people expectation on there profits.

    People who bought last year are realizing that you cant make 150% profit in one year before the unit closes so there expectation are coming down to more sensible levels.

    So in reality prices have not dropped as these advertised properties where not based on appraisals or market values but soley on people greed.

    Developers have certainly not dropped there prices.

    Construction continues and builders and banks dont have to go running to the goverment for bailouts.
  4. LiamBailey

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    Thanks, I posted the link as a comment on my Panama blog post under your name, hope you don't mind
  5. gsinker

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    Hi Liam, i would like it even better if you included my web site link :)

    What is you blog address?
  6. LiamBailey

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    I posted the link from you because it went with the tone of the post, which covered the lack of news on Panama lately. I can't post links on here yet because this is a new membership, but if you go to my site you can find the link to my blog on the left navigation. Alternatively search: site:write-about-property[dot]com in Google news, and my blog is linked from the sidebar of my articles.
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    No Problem, I hope that within the 24 hr this forum will become a new platform for discussion on Panama, watch this space!!!!

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