Pamporovo bargain seems to good to be true...



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Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone out there has much to say about Pamporovo? I have been speaking to a master agent who is selling apartments on the highest development on piste in Pamporovo. The prices seem about what I was expecting but they also offered me a 5 year payment scheme. The good bit is that the building completes next year so they say I can rent it out from then and it will pay for itself.

I have done some research on the area and it looks brilliant - close to greece, mediterranean climate so all year round rental returns, limits on the amount of development allowed which avoids the overdevelopment problems that happened in other areas, beaches an hour away, and a project funded by the EU which seems well underway to create 217 km of ski runs, a local airpost, golf course, blah blah blah.

My only issue is I usually invest in areas I have visited...and I have never been there and don't have the time to go. I don't want to miss out on this so any feedback greatfully accepted


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If you still are interesting about property in Pamporovo, I can offer you a very good proposal - no commission, direct from the developer! Now 30% discount


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"All year round rental returns " !!!!. In your dreams !.You say you've done some research - obviously not enough. Holiday property prices in ski resorts and beach areas are in free fall. owners can't give them away. You say you haven't got time to visit; in other words you haven't got time to do proper research. Stay well clear.
(Incidentally, being an hour away from a beach is hardly a selling point - people who want a beach holiday want to be within walking distance).

Any agent who tells you a property will pay for itself in rentals should be locked up, and so should anyone who believes them, for their own good !.