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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by sparkey, May 9, 2009.

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    Thanks for that PeterV, but still no joy, some seem out of date / closed. I could'nt understand why people found it so hard to get access/join owners but hey now I'm one of 'em aaahhhh! Some of those are just links about Palmela Resort and on facebook the only link I can find is the one set up by Jose O from Pelicano. Anyone else reading this please help me out.
    Thanks a mill. M.
  2. PeterV

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    Sorry M.,

    One of the links contains the address of owners who rent out their own property there. I was hoping that would help you.

    Have you tried presenting you as a potential buyer?


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    Hi Moll I've also just joined propertycommunity and am very much a novice at this! I am owner of studio apt in Palmela Village and, like you, have great difficulty connecting with other owners. I've seen the posts re "Bewley's Group" who hold meetings and would really like to sign up with them. I've same problems as other owners and need advice as to whether I should sign new letting contract -decision required by Jan 1st 2012. Have you succeeded in 'connecting' with other owners via this forum? - also would appreciate any guidance as Facebook not helping here! Hoping to hear from you soon.
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    Hi billie
    Had one r two replys to diff forums but still haven't managed to join up, awaiting Facebook friendship request to owners from one person, so wil keep you posted.
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    Many Thanks for your response Moll........I have received a new rental agreement contract from Pelicano for completion and return by 31st Dec 2011 - if I wish to renew the contract. May I ask if you have received same and if you have decided whethere to complete or not? If not renewed by 31st Dec they advise that the keys to the property will be returned to owners. There is an earlier message posted on this site by another owner suggesting we have no option as owners can't let the property themselves! Would really appreciate any advice from fellow owners as to best course of action and am happy to exchange email details................
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    Has the situation in Palmela Village been improved?
    We're considering to rent (or buy) something on the Algarve.
    I noticed properties in the Algarve available for 40% less than their last year's asking price.
    And in Sintra an attractive old property (Hotel/Pousada) from USD 1.000.000 to USD 675.000 in less than a year. And still not sold.
    Obviously the increased taxes on property and newly introduced licenses, are making the Buy2Let increasingly unattractive.
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    Palmela Owner

    Hi Martin / Lucy,
    I just joined and see your threads, I just received the new contract. Do you have details or have you joined a group to tackle this?
  8. hou5er

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    Hi Lucy,
    I just joined and see your threads, I just received the new contract. Do you have details or have you joined a group to tackle this?
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    Just saw your Message today Hou5er. About 118 Owners have found their way into the private Owner's site on FaceBook- have you seen my Post no.#95 on this site or if you post about 5 good blogs on this site you can qualify for Active Member status and you can private message me then.
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    taxes on property

    Hello Norbert,

    Taxes on properties are not knew. The IMI (imposto sobre imóveis) law dates from 2003 and it was first applied in 2004. Many properties bought between 2004 and 2009 may even get their fiscal property value diminished. I am a professional valuator and also a fiscal valuator and I can know what I am talking about. Only property bought before 2003 are getting new values because they were their valuations were made under a different law called "Contribuição Autárquica. So, it is not true that property fiscal values in Portugal are increasing. Some are, but some are decreasing as well. I do not know what you are calling "New licenses". It is something absolutely new for me. Can you explain it, please?

    Best regards.


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  12. Snowflake

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    Hello, I am the owner of a studio apartment in Palmela Village and I too cannot get any contact or have any details of what is happening to my property. Can anyone guide or suggest how I go about things. I am new to this kind of situation so I would like to get some help.

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