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Palm Jebel Ali

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Billa007, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Billa007

    Billa007 New Member

    Im looking to buy a garden home on Jebel Ali. Now im coming to complete ive been told there is a 726,000AED build cost on a Med villa to pay?

    Is this correct? Is now right time to invest in Palm Jebel Ali or have prices peaked for at least a year.

    Id like to hear all experiences of Palm Jebel Ali. Completion by end 2010?
  2. bclague

    bclague New Member

    Villas on Palm Jebel Ali

    Hi Billa007

    I have owned a Signature Villa on Palm Jebel Ali since 2003.. We have now paid 30% to Nakheel with expected completion in 2010/11..

    My plan is to take it all the way to completion and then sell or rent it - hopefully prices at that point will be similar to what we've seen on palm jumerah.

    I'm interest to hear from anyone who can inform on whether the global credit crunch is likely to have an impact on this kind of property or has info on current values - projected values etc...

  3. Hamidss

    Hamidss New Member

    4B Townhouse Palm Jebel Ali for sale

    I have a 4Bed Townhouse in Frond P front row of Palm Jebel Ali.
    Direct access to Beach. Good Price quick Sale
    Interested? send email to hamidss at hotmail
    Contact 00447710540730
  4. pinky

    pinky New Member

    The prices have dropped. I should know I am selling one of two water homes, I have dropped its price by about 20% in the last 4 weeks.

    Like Bclague I want to take one all the way. IMHO it will outperform PJ. It has more to offer as a holiday destination and holiday lets always get better returns than long term rental.

    I beleive that prices will start to rise after the december payment. Currently alot of stretched investors are trying to offload before parting with more money
  5. Doobedoo

    Doobedoo New Member

    Hi Pinky, can you give me an idea of the current price for the water homes and how location effects price?

  6. pinky

    pinky New Member

    Hi Doobedo

    As I understand. Crescent A is likely to be the most superior of the 2 crescents because of the proximity to the new waterfront. I guess its down to personal preference but I have routinely seen water homes on Crescent E at a cheaper price. Particularly the inside edge.
    IMHO the top outside edge of Crescent A would be a great spot to have. After that anything on the outer edge of crescent A with end homes having an advantage. This is backed up on a you tube video which certainly suggests this side of the crescent to be the most prestigous.

    At the moment I think that investors who have been flipping property are less discerning about location. As the completion date becomes more visible I think that this will change and location will be key in obtaining the better price.
  7. ngn97141

    ngn97141 New Member

    I have a Palm Jebel Ali Garden Home for Sale
    Size 5000 sqft
    Gross 6500 sqft
    Op 3.15M
    Sp 5M
    20% paid

    NOW THATS THE CHEAPEST VILLA OUT THERE FOR GRABS !! 60% premium if I calculated that right !!

    contact me at
    ngn97141 at eim dot ae
  8. james8888

    james8888 New Member

    Plam Jebel Ali investment

    I have been travelling to Dubai for many many years and have myself invested in a property on The Palm Jebel Ali. I have spoken to lots of serious investors about the different developments in Dubai and I am convinced that in the medium term (3-5 years) that the Palm Jebel Ali will represent the best investment of all of the developments for the following reasons:

    1-Many mistakes were made on The Palm Jumeirah which have been taken into account during the construction of Jebel Ali palm.

    2-The masterplan of the Palm Jebel Ali will have much more to offer holidaymakers and so make rental very easy.

    3-Jebel Ali will soon host the worlds largest airport bringing literally millions of people to the doorstep of the Jebel Ali Palm.

    4-Development around the arabian canal and Dubai waterfront will be awesome and will again house hundreds of thousands of permanent workers who will need somewhere to live.

    5-Dubai traffic is terrible, Jebel Ali does not have any such problems and the infrastructure is being put in place from the very start to keep it that way.

    6-The monorail will connect Jebel Ali to Dubai for tourism.

    These are my general reasons, but logically any major city in the world has key residential areas, the Palm Isalnds offer a finite area of land for development when they are finished they can will not be developed further and prices have to rise. Where else in the world in a developed country can you buy beach front properties for similar prices? Answer nowhere. Dubai has excellent climate for most of the year, cheap airfares, major sporting tournaments, massive global profile and excellent conditions for business. In my opinion its a real no brainer if you can afford to hang on to your property do so because the prices will raise tenfold over the next 5-10 years.

    Thanks and good luck
  9. james8888

    james8888 New Member

    Another thing

    Also as another issue I think that the Canal Cove townhomes offer the best investment as there are fewer of these properties than any other in the entire development, the beach is shared by a handful of properties and they benefit from a good sized communal pool which is maintained for the owners. They are the only properties that will give a true holiday feel. The prices are also very good at the moment. And I have put my money where my mouth is and have purchased 4 of these properties. I hope this helps.
  10. ridha

    ridha New Member

    Dear Billa
    I have a Garden Home in Palm Jebel Ali in frond "O" Mid even number, the completion date for frond "O" is in 2010.
    It is Medeterian Type 3.
    Price 7.1m
    30% paid.
    Let me know if intrested.
  11. MASHH

    MASHH New Member

    Am looking for a garden home villa on Palm Jebel Ali...40% premium max..plz do let me knw if u got me at fadi_21 @ hotmail. com

  12. propertyconsultant

    propertyconsultant New Member

    Price dropped in Palm Island

    I recently read from HSBC report that the price on palm island has dropped by 15% and the burj dubai area by 30-40%. I was quite surprise by the drop in burj dubai area as i believe it stays one of the best area so far. I guessed too many speculators...
  13. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Good guess
  14. adil100

    adil100 New Member

    Brilliant offer

    Hey hi there Billa 007, i have a garden home on Jebel Ali, at 54% all inclusive. If you are interested please let me know.

    My email add is devilinthetown at hotmail dot com
  15. adil100

    adil100 New Member

    I actually have something very very special if any one is interested, here it is..

    I have a limited number of 2-3 bedroom apartments in Palm Jumeirah on an incredible 20% 80% payment plan. This

    means that you need to pay 10% plus 5% premium now, 10% after 6 months and the rest of 80% upon completion. I

    am sure nothing can beat this offer. Do not miss out on a chance to own your own apartment on the iconic island on

    the easiest payment plan ever. I will give you all the details once you let me know if you are interested. You can get in contact with me on my email devilinthetown at hotmail dot com.
  16. helen4you

    helen4you New Member

    buying palm jebel ali


    I would say to you take your time buying Palm Jebel Ali - prices are coming down.

    I have been here 2 yrs and in the last 3 months prices have dropped by at least 100% premium! for garden homes. signature homes more or less the same fall.

    It's a great time to buy of course, I am sure the market will go up, especially prime projects like the Palms.

    Regards your upgrade, your paying more for a med type 3. Contemporary villas have no upgrade fee - unless you buy a type 5. or go for a Med type 1 which is cheaper upgrade of 321k.

    happy to help you in with your property needs.

  17. pinky

    pinky New Member


    I suggest any PJA owners to check out other forums. Estate agents are bringing the market down by panicking owners to reduce their prices. Money is hard to get and they are not selling. To stay in business they are selling on one of the few locations that is still moving albeit slowly. By talking the prices down to such a low level they can guarantee themselves a sale and a commission.

    Hold fire. Water home owners there are only 504 homes We can control the prices. If you cannot afford the next payment Nakheel have easy terms. Dont lose hundreds of thousands for the sake of a few thousand in interest payments.
  18. Kaur

    Kaur New Member

    Hi I have a garden home on frond E, med type 1 ,at 45% premium....
  19. wottodo

    wottodo New Member

    Nakheel Easy Payment Terms

    Hi Pinky

    Can you enlighten me as to what easy terms Nakheel are offering if you cannot afford the next payment. Is this only applicable to Water homes or are Garden Homes on PJA also included in these terms?

    I recently contacted Nakheel and have been told that the construction of the Garden Homes on PJA were going to plan and there were no delays.

  20. pinky

    pinky New Member

    Nakheel will charge interest on late payments. This is not payable straight away. You can make a part payment if you wish to keep the interest down.

    I suggest that you email Ann Varaghese at customer services. I know that they have alot of customers who are unable to make the payments due to banks not lending or businesses going down.

    It is in their interest to be flexible about this. Hope this helps
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